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BizzInsight Project Performance Management

As a software company we recognise the need for continuous improvement. We value the lessons that can be learned from our past experiences and we believe firmly in implementing ongoing improvements.

Having tried first hand a number of continuous improvement and project management tools to manage our project performance and retrospectives, we never found one that would effectively manage the lessons learned in a way that could easily be used to apply lasting change to our processes going forward. We wanted a full-proof way of ensuring that project successes were shared across the team and repeated in future projects. But, more importantly, we wanted a tool that would make sure we never made the same mistake twice. On top of that we were looking to reduce the amount of time spent reviewing projects and also cut costs.


As there was no tool on the market capable of addressing all of our needs we took it upon ourselves to develop our own innovative solution, BizzInsight.

BizzInsight is powerful software that enables you to conduct insightful 360o project performance reviews and potentially save £millions. The all-in-one tool focuses on improving financial performance, maximising delivery quality and reducing risk, whilst driving continuous improvement to dramatically improve your ROI.

Using the tool internally has taken our project performance management to the next level. Some of the best features are as follows:

  • Set performance targets which are configurable to suit the requirements of the project in hand.
  • Share this information across a team, division or an entire organisation, and then monitor the progress.
  • Generate subsequent interventions, or actions, and assign those to individuals.
  • Manage the efficient collation of feedback from team members and stakeholders, anywhere in the world.
  • Encourage all members to candidly contribute towards a project review avoiding the biases of hierarchy, inhibition, or distrust.
  • Analyse trends across projects to pick up early warning signs and ensure actions are working.


To see how much time and money you could save contact us today for more information on BizzInsight.


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