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What does agile project management really mean?

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      Definition of agile – ‘able to move quickly and easily’       Nowadays everyone claims to be agile but what should you expect when embarking on a project that takes an agile approach.   Here are my top 4 things to look out for from a company or project manager claiming   …Continue Reading

Remote Debugging a Dynamics CRM Plugin

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One of the main challenges surrounding the development of plugins for Dynamics CRM, is the difficulty in debugging errors. There are many ways to debug your code, such as checking the event viewer for any exceptions thrown, check the associated system jobs within the CRM UI, making use of the “ITracingService” within your code etc.   …Continue Reading

An Agile approach to project delivery

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How can Bridgeall ensure that the ideas you have for a new IT development are understood and implemented, while delivering on time to budget? It’s already been well documented that IT projects can and do often go horribly wrong, particularly when the initial systems specification isn’t written in concrete. My own experiences of being responsible   …Continue Reading