CRM for Public Sector

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Today people expect a higher level of service from public sector organisations. There is a greater requirement for 24/7 access to government services in the form of mobile apps, self-help web portals, and “one stop shop” call centres to provide services to the community.

The public are our customers

Taking the view of a business owner, government leaders are finding new ways to leverage remarkable developments in technology to cultivate higher levels of citizen satisfaction and interaction, whilst effectively managing the cost of governing. More specifically, governments can create increased levels of value for citizens by treating them as customers and using the right tools to capture and manage interactions across multiple channels.

A customer relationship management solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, will enable public sector organisations to create opportunities to help provide an extra-ordinary level of public service to the citizens and leaders in the community.

Key benefits of CRM to the Public Sector:

  • Effectively manage and resolve citizen exchanges more quickly than ever before by using social media tools, applications, and websites.
  • Provide a common user experience for staff, and enable success through familiar interfaces and simple workflows.
  • Create a collaborative front for citizen contact and issue resolution.
  • Offer “One View of the Truth” for management.
  • Streamline compliance and auditing needs.
  • Enable administrators by providing agile tools.
  • Increase transparency.
  • Consolidated information and knowledge sharing.
  • Lower employee costs and reduce cost of multiple citizen interactions.
  • Speedy implementation therefore lower setup costs.


We are still in the early stages of CRM adoption within our organisation, but the benefits it will bring to Mainstay are huge, as it future proofs our processes and conforms to strict governance policies and Care Inspectorate requirements". Gill Dow, Director, Mainstay Trust Ltd, Glasgow. 


For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the Public Sector call our Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen CRM team on 0141 212 6400 or our London CRM team on 020 3817 8160.