Building a CRM Culture

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CRM Culture

Many organisations struggle to get buy-in from across their business for their CRM projects. Often people don’t fully understand the benefits and power that CRM can bring to them, and when user adoption is low it can result in a costly failure for your shiny new CRM system.

For CRM to be a success you need your colleagues to change their habits and follow a new process, but most importantly you need them to understand why and what the benefits will be to them.

Creating connected relationships

The starting point are the tools to monitor, manage, and maintain customer engagement. This is where we introduce Customer Relationship Management technology such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Now the business benefits of CRM solutions are well documented. Traditionally they are known to connect customer interactions that enable sales to sell.

But it is more than that.

Today’s CRM solutions connect every facet of a business: from sales to marketing, and from services to finance. CRM is as much a behaviour as it is a technology solution, involving every area of the organisation.

CRM buy-in

As with any solution that touches so many areas, it is only as good as the sum of its parts, and what I mean by that is that as long as every department is bought into CRM, and every individual is using it every day in the right way to record internal and external information, then it works.

Buy-in has to come from all quarters of the business for CRM to truly deliver its value.

CRM adoption

A key benefit of CRM is its ability to store and share information and insight from across the business, by connecting otherwise siloed departments.

But with divisions often having their own established technologies, making a cultural shift to CRM isn’t always easy. Adoption should be as much a part of the consideration phase as the design itself.

Ultimately what you don’t want is a provider who hops in to deliver, and then hops out once the implementation is done. Providing an adoption roadmap, and then supporting you through it is crucial to the success of any CRM project.

Bridgeall helps businesses adopt CRM as part of their culture. Providing comprehensive training and post deployment support to help organisations in Scotland make the smooth transition to customer oriented delivery.


CRM is more than new software, it’s a way of life. The more you use it, the more successful you will be! To find out more on how to embed CRM into your organisation contact our Glasgow and Edinburgh CRM team on 0141 212 6400.


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