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UK Government Launches Digital Skills Survey

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It is now widely accepted that the UK is facing a digital skills crisis. As argued in previous blog posts, the digital skills gap is a major barrier preventing the UK’s public┬ásector from leveraging the full potential of digital transformation. In the private sector, many businesses are stuck in a cycle of poor productivity due   …Continue Reading

Is Public Sector Digital Transformation Being Held Back By a Growing Skills Shortage?

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According to a new report by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), the UK public┬ásector is struggling to leverage the full potential of digital transformation due to a growing digital skills gap. The lack of technical expertise and digital proficiency is hampering the ability to deliver digital services and must be addressed if organisations are to   …Continue Reading

Are UK Companies Stuck in a Cycle of Poor Productivity Due to Lack of Digital Skills?

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More evidence of the growing digital skills shortage in the UK has emerged from a recent survey by the British Chamber of Commerce. At a time when digital capability is becoming increasingly important, the survey reports that many UK businesses are facing a digital and IT skills shortage. As a consequence, many are stuck in   …Continue Reading