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Bridgeall retain their place on G-Cloud 6

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Bridgeall is delighted to announce success in the UK Governments’ G-Cloud 6 procurement framework. This means that Bridgeall can continue to supply services within Lot 3 Software as a Service (SaaS) and Lot 4 Specialist Cloud Services to Central Government, local authorities and the wider public sector. The G-Cloud Digital Marketplace is free to use   …Continue Reading

Accelerated Development with Dynamics CRM

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In the 14 years I’ve worked in the IT industry I’ve been involved in the design and development of numerous business applications and software products spanning multiple industry sectors. The majority of the projects I’ve worked on over that period have been custom solutions delivered via the Microsoft technology stack. Working across a variety of   …Continue Reading

The trials and tribulations of complex system testing

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In days gone by, System Testing involved a test team being given a software system, a set of requirements, and manually and exhaustively executing test cases which covered all requirements of the system. The problem with this methodology lies in the word ‘manually’. A test team could go to great lengths constructing complex test cases   …Continue Reading