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Leading Enterprise Collaboration

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In a previous blog post, workplace collaboration was identified as a key pillar of successful digital transformation. In a fast moving business environment, characterised by turbulent digital change and digital disruption, leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies for supporting workplace collaboration and knowledge sharing, internally and externally with business partners, has become critical to   …Continue Reading

Software and Technology: The Engine Driving Digital Transformation (Video)

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The topic of digital transformation has been covered extensively on the Bridgeall blog – see Category Archives: Digital Transformation. Throughout the various posts, we have emphasised that successful digital transformation requires the integration of strategy, people, processes, systems, organisation, culture AND technology. The failure to recognise this mutual dependency is one of the main reasons   …Continue Reading

Transforming Work with Microsoft Teams (Videos)

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In our first blog post of 2017, we argued that successful digital transformation requires a combination of technology AND organisational change. Effective use of digital technology and excellence in software development provide the foundations for working differently. The greatest business value is derived, however, when technology is used to support organisational change, transforming processes and   …Continue Reading