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After finally getting around to using the new timer control in Dynamics CRM 2015 (although introduced in 2013), it is clear that this is a simple, yet very powerful, graphical way of seeing how much time is left on an open case for example, before it breaches SLA agreements.

We did however run into one small problem with it.

In our setup we had Dynamics CRM 2015 on premise RTM (version, with a timer control on a custom entity’s form. The control is set to countdown to a defined point in the future by which the status reason of the custom entity must have advanced before, otherwise the SLA will be breached. Given that we are a UK based company, my personal format settings and system format settings in CRM are all set to UK format (i.e. dd/MM/yyyy), yet we were seeing strange behaviour with the timer.

The date was the 11th of February, which in the UK is represented as 11/02/2015, and the timer was due to run out at a given time later in the day. However we saw that the timer was telling us that the remaining duration was 264 days in the future.





Adam 2





Out of curiosity I changed the date to the US format (02/11/2015) and voila, the timer was displaying the correct value.


Adam 3



Adam 4



My first thoughts were to re-check the system settings against my own settings, but both were set to UK, so no issues there. I checked the regional settings and language settings on my own machine. Both UK. What is going on here?

After a lot of head-scratching and searching the internet for similar issues, I came across the following very useful blog post.


Long story short, the work around for this issue, is to set the language settings for the Active Directory account associated with the CRM Application Service to English(US). Sorted!



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5 thoughts on “Timer Control in Dynamics CRM 2015

  1. Hi Thanks for this. Do you know if we have to do this. Or is there a possible patch SP1 or the soon to be new release that will fix this?


  2. Hi, have there been any updates on this?

    How do you set the language settings for the AD account associated with the CRM Application Service?

    We’ve setup an SLA on the case form and the First Response By and the Resolve By fields are showing the correct date (e.g. the First Response by Field is displaying 2/07/2015 i.e. 2nd of July) but the Timer Control field on the case form says it is overdue by 144days (i.e. the 7th of February 2015).

    Any suggestions?


    • Hi Ben,

      You can set the language settings for the AD Account by logging on to the CRM Server using the AD Account credentials. Then open the Control Panel, click Language and make English (United States) the default language preference.

      We tried this on a demo system. If you are planning to make this change to your production CRM system test it out thoroughly first on a test environment to ensure there are no unintended side effects.

      All the best.

  3. Hi,
    That fix resolved the problem, did you apply it in Live system, do you know if there are any side affects of changing the user settings?

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