Our Change Leaders Forum: Empowering the Modern Intelligent Workplace takes place on Wednesday of this week at Microsoft’s Scottish HQ in Edinburgh.

As we approach a post-Brexit world, it has become more important than ever for Scottish based organisations to leverage the full potential of emerging technologies for improving productivity and international competitiveness; rethinking ‘the way things are done around here’ by building Modern Intelligent Workplaces breaking free from the limits imposed by outdated systems and outdated management thinking. 

Embedding technology at the core of everything your organisation does can help to streamline internal systems and processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs; becoming an agile, fast-moving, collaborative, data-driven, productive organisation, ‘fit-for-purpose’ in a digital age.

The overall objective of the Forum is for Change Leaders to share their combined experiences, hopes and expectations in relation to digital transformation and the modern workplace.

Using a live Interactive Polling Tool and open group discussion, the Forum will evaluate the issues and challenges facing public and private sector organisations in leveraging emerging technologies for improving competitiveness, the progress being made benchmarked against accepted best practice, barriers to be overcome, with highly practical advice for ‘getting there’ being presented.

Forum findings will be written up as a short White Paper – “Improving Productivity through Building Modern Intelligent Workplaces” – made available to all participants.

The schedule for the half-day session has been developed to maximise two-way interaction and dialogue rather than a one-way broadcast from the podium 🙂

  • Welcome – Dr. Stephen Beer, MD, Bridgeall (9.30 – 9.35)
  • A short summary of recent research results covering Modern Intelligent Workplaces: The State of Play 2019 – what progress have we made? Dr. Jim Hamill (9.35 – 10.15)
  • Everyone is a Panellist – open discussion & experience sharing (10.15 – 10.45)
  • Comfort break (10.45 – 10.50)
  • Moving Forward at Pace: we will use a live Interactive Polling Tool and crowdsourced knowledge exchange to provide highly practical advice on ‘getting there’, accelerating the Modern Intelligent Workplace (10.50 – 11.50)
  • Final thoughts and next steps (11.50 – 12.00)
  • Lunch

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about the Forum.

Thanks to everyone who has registered to attend.

We look forward to meeting you all on Wednesday.

If you would like to participate in the Forum, please register at Empowering the Modern Intelligent Workplace.