Custom Applications Services

At Bridgeall we help organisations with their custom applications and how these can fit into your digital strategy. We help organisations fully understand their landscape and develop an enterprise architecture that will deliver against your objectives.

We provide a full range of application development, modernisation, support and advisory services built around a customer first methodology.

  • Over 20 years’ experience developing custom applications

  • Fully flexible customer first methodology tailored to you

  • Full range of advisory and support services to help at every stage

Supporting every step of your application journey

A new app your way

We help organisations turn ideas into applications. From custom business systems, self-service portals, business critical solutions, web apps and more. We help you shape your requirements and select a technology route that delivers great value.

Modernising existing applications

Existing legacy applications cause organisations huge issues. They are slow, out of date and full of security risks. We help organisations understand the full range of application modernisation available to them and pick the right route for you. We also provide support services to help maintain and stablise existing applications.

The application landscape

We help organisations improve their application landscape. Focusing on your enterprise architecture. We help organisations go on a journey of digital transformation. Firstly, by fully assessing the existing application landscape and then developing the vision for the future and the roadmap for success.

Custom Application Services

At Bridgeall we have been building, advising and modernising custom applications for more than 20 years, it’s what our business was founded on.

We have a Solutions Designation for Azure Digital and App Innovation and  have a proven track record and a customer first methodology that delivers value for our customers. Our large team of certified developers and consultants are on hand to support you at every step of your journey.

Application Development briefing

We offer a free 2-hour briefing with one of our Microsoft certified development teams to discuss your requirements and explore Power Apps and traditional .Net application development routes.

Applications case studies