Modern Intelligent Workplace

We help our customers to embed the right technology at the core of everything they do to streamline internal systems and processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. We are a multiple Microsoft Solutions Partner with solutions designations in Modern Work.

At Bridgeall we define the Modern Intelligent Workplace (MIW) as one leveraging the full potential of existing and emerging technologies to improve ‘the way things are done around here’. Implementing a MIW helps organisations to break free from the limits imposed by outdated legacy systems.

With two decades of experience, across a broad range of sectors, our products, services, technologies and overall approach help to transform the engine of your organisation delivering real business improvement always on-time and within budget.

We bring deep knowledge and expertise of the following core components of the Microsoft ecosystem, present the art-of-the-possible and design seamless, integrated solutions that work.


Microsoft 365

Your cloud based productivity, collaborative and mobile hub for building modern and intelligent workplaces.


Microsoft Teams

Used effectively, Teams will significantly improve ‘the way things are done around here’, supporting a more agile, fast-moving, collaborative working environment.


Modern SharePoint Intranets

Agile, modern, user-centric Intranets delivering personalised user experiences seamlessly across all platforms and devices.


Power Platform

Rapidly develop custom business apps connecting your data and work across mobile and the web. Take productivity to new heights by automating key business processes.


Business Intelligence

Derive actionable insights from data using Power BI and Workplace Analytics.


Custom Business Solutions

When ‘off-the-shelf’ is insufficient or flexible enough for your organisation, Bridgeall’s highly experienced development team will design and build mission critical software to your exact specifications.

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