Microsoft Licensing

At Bridgeall we are Microsoft licensing experts. As a multiple Microsoft Solutions Partner and a tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we are able to provide discounted licensing, flexible licensing options and technical expertise to ultimately save you money.

  • Reduce your licensing costs with Bridgeall

  • Technical support available for all your Microsoft licensing needs

  • Fully flexible and responsive support

  • Proactive support, reviews and licensing advice as standard

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

At Bridgeall we are a direct (Tier 1) CSP partner. This means we have the best access to discounted licenses direct from Microsoft. We help 100s of organisations get the best deal on their licenses every year.

We offer discounts on average 10% less than the retail price on a huge range of Microsoft products.

With CSP, we provide you a completely flexible licensing solution allowing you to easily increase, decrease or change any of the licenses you have with us when it suits you. This is all without being tied down to long contracts that don’t  evolve with your business needs.

We pride ourselves in our highly responsive service. We provide you with the dedicated point of contact to support your every licensing need.

Microsoft technology

We provide licenses for the full range of Microsoft technology. This includes all of the different bundles, discounts and packages available.

Nonprofit and education licensing

Microsoft has a number of programs to provide qualifying organisations such as nonprofit and education organisations, high levels of discounts. Through our CSP program we can help you identify if you qualify for these and provide licenses through each of these programs.

Managing Azure whitepaper cover

Azure cost management guide

Microsoft licensing services

On top of being able to offer some of the best discounts available on Microsoft licenses, we also use our technical knowledge to ensure you are only paying for what you need.

We see organisations all the time, with the wrong packages or licenses for their needs and can easily identify huge opportunities for savings by ensuring you are on the right package.

Cloud FinOps

Cloud FinOps is the new practice of cloud financial management. It focuses on developing an approach, framework and culture of accountability and better financial management within the cloud. At Bridgeall we help organisations develop their own Cloud FinOps approach.

Quick quote

Get a quote today! If you are looking to purchase Microsoft licenses, then please tell us more about what you’re looking for and we will provide you with a quick and easy quote.

Licensing briefing

In this 2-hour session one of our Microsoft certified consultants will talk you through the CSP program and the different licensing options available to your organisation.

Azure cost review

In our Azure cost review our expert cloud consultants will review and analyse your Azure requirements and current set up to identify any cost savings or improvements that could be gained.

Microsoft licensing FAQ

A Microsoft CSP or Cloud Solution Provider is a program that Microsoft partners can join to help customers with licenses. They work as third-party experts on behalf of Microsoft to support businesses with their Microsoft licensing requirements. They get exclusive licensing discounts that they can pass on to end user organisations.

There are multiple benefits to partnering with a CSP to provide your Microsoft Licenses:

  • Cost Saving – you will save on average 10% on your annual license bill.
  • Flexibility – you are able to increase and decrease your licenses to match your organisations needs from month to month.
  • Simple – All your licence costs come from one easy source, rather than having multiple payments for multiple different licenses.
  • Dedicated Support – as your CSP, Bridgeall will be on hand to answer any questions and support requirements linked to your licensing issues.

We are able to provide any Microsoft license across Corporate, Education and Non-Profit Licenses.

We cover the full range of Microsoft solutions including: Azure, Windows, Dynamics 365, Power Platform & Microsoft 365.

All relevant discounts that accompany Education and Non-Profit Licenses are only accessible if your organisation meets the relevant criteria.

One of the main benefits of CSP is the flexibility it provides. With CSP you can easily add or remove licenses and users when you need to.

Our CSP contract is a 12 month contract. This means you must have atleast 1 unit of each license for the 12 month period. For example if you bought 50 Microsoft 365 E5 licenses, you can add as many as you like during the period or reduce this to 1 Microsoft 365 E5 license until the 12 months is finished.

We can offer advise on how to get the most out of your Microsoft licensing. We also offer a licensing review service which can give an immediate ROI and help reduce your licensing cost annually.

The process is simple and allows a quick and visible way to begin your CSP partnership:

  1. Customer shares requirements with Bridgeall, how many and what licenses
  2. Bridgeall provides a tailored quote and any recommendations to reduce the cost.
  3. Customer accepts quote
  4. Customer must sign terms and conditions and provide a purchase order for the quote for the next 12 months
  5. Bridgeall requires to be added as a billing partner to Microsoft platform.
  6. Bridgeall purchases the relevant licenses and makes then available in the relevant Microsoft environment.
  7. Any changes to users or licenses can be requested via

Generally billing terms are Monthly in arrears with a 30-day payment term. If the licensing cost for the year is below a £1,000 threshold, we will bill this annually in advance to allow for ease of billing. We are able to offer alternative payment terms upon special request.

Once the full purchasing process is complete your licenses can be assigned immediately. see the question on the purchase process for more information on the purchasing process.