Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s market leading cloud platform. Azure is a key part of any organisation’s IT strategy, offering unrivalled security, resilience and flexibility.

The Azure cloud platform comprises of  more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to life—to solve today’s challenges and create the future. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

  • Create secure future ready applications in the cloud

  • Full flexibility to scale your resources to meet your requirements

  • Simplify your IT infrastructure with class leading services from Azure.

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Microsoft Azure

Azure is more than just a cloud hosting platform. Azure is actually the collection of 200+ cloud based services. Each of these services provides a unique and easy to use service to help you run your IT infrastructure. Azure is embedded with artificial intelligence, for example,  to help take your organisation to the next level of analysis and insight.

Moving your on-premise servers and databases to Azure is made easy with Bridgeall’s expert advisory, planning and migration services and provides you with the security and flexibility you need to build a reliable IT infrastructure. Azure SQL is the most powerful and reliable way to host your SQL databases.

Azure offers a comprehensive range of services for your applications and websites providing a flexible and powerful platform to host your key services.

Infrastructure in Azure

Migrate your core infrastructure to Azure at your own pace. Azure delivers on-demand, scalable and flexible computing infrastructure as and when your business needs it.  

Using a lift and shift approach allows you to migrate your on-prem infrastructure components and other workloads to the cloud. This phased, step-by-step approach means you can continue to use your existing applications, integrations, customisations, functionalities, and workflows while leveraging the cloud benefits.

Virtual Machines – With Azure Virtual Machines, you can create and use VMs in the cloud. VMs provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in the form of a virtualised server and can be used in many ways. Just like a physical computer, you can customise the software running on the VM.

Azure SQL – Azure SQL Database is a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) database engine that offers users a great and easy way to host their SQL databases.

Azure Reserved Instances – Azure Reserved Instances are an Azure pricing plan that can help you reduce cloud costs. It offers discounts in return to a commitment to use Azure offerings for a duration of one or three years. Azure Reservations are ideal for workloads with consistent resource usage.

Azure Virtual Desktop

For many organisations, remote work is the new normal. With Azure Virtual Desktop, (previously Windows Virtual Desktop) you can ensure your team can connect back to crucial data-center applications no matter where they’re working, on any device. Azure Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualisation service running in the cloud.

Apps in Azure

Quickly build, deploy and scale enterprise-grade web, mobile and API apps running on any platform with Azure. Meet rigorous performance, scalability, security and compliance requirements. You can deploy apps to Virtual Machines or Azure SQL but there are now PaaS services available that make it much easier to deploy apps. 

Azure App Service – Lets you create apps faster with a one-of-a kind cloud service to quickly and easily create enterprise-ready web and mobile apps for any platform or device and deploy them on a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure.

Data in Azure

Make better business decisions with insights derived from your data. Increase visibility and drive enhancements related to efficiency, innovation and customer experience using a modern data platform powered by Azure. 

Azure is a key driver for the democratisation of advanced data capabilities now being affordable and accessible. No matter what size your organisation is. When looking to build a modern data platform with Microsoft, due to the diversity of their offering there are a few different approaches you can take, depending on the scale and complexity of the challenge you are trying to solve.  

Azure Data Lake – Azure Data Lake provides us with two key areas of functionality. It allows us to store our unstructured and ingested data from across the organisation. Storing data of all shapes and types.

Azure Synapse – Azure Synapse is Microsoft’s flagship data solution, it takes the enterprise data warehouse and brings in several additional supporting services. Azure Synapse is an integrated analytics service that accelerates time to insight across data warehouses and big data systems. It brings together the best of SQL technologies used in enterprise data warehousing, Spark technologies used for big data and pipelines for data integration. 

Azure Data Factory – Azure Data Factory is Microsoft Azure’s data pipeline solution or sometimes called extract-transform-load (ETL), extract-load-transform (ELT), and data integration. Azure Data Factory focuses on connecting to data sources, getting data into the cloud and in the right state for analysis. Azure Data Factory performs the ingest phase.   

Microsoft Azure services

Bridgeall is a multiple Microsoft Solutions Partner with designations in Azure Infrastructure, Azure Data and AI and Azure Digital and App Innovation. Our team of Microsoft certified engineers are here to make sense of the wide range of services available from Azure and design you a path to modernize your IT infrastructure by moving to the cloud.

We offer a full range of cloud consultancy, migration and support services to help your organisation move to the cloud.

Azure FAQ’s

Microsoft Azure is a growing selection of cloud services that assist your organisation in meeting and overcoming your business challenges. Azure provides your organisation with flexibility and freedom to build, manage, monitor and deploy applications on a huge scale, using the tools and frameworks you know and love.

Everything sent within the Azure environment is automatically encrypted. The Azure network has automatic detection to prevent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, similar to some of the largest services on the internet. Microsoft spends more than $1bn a year in cyber security improvements across its cloud platforms and users of Azure benefit from this every day. 

All Azure services can be secured with Azure Active Directory and Multi Factor Authentication. 

Azure pricing is mostly based on the compute or storage used over a period of time, normally by minute. The cost varies on the performance requirements and time required. There are a range of pricing calculators available here. 

Starting with Azure could not be easier. Having a good strategy, identifying key services and prioritising your plans will set you up for success. If you need some more information on moving to the cloud, our cloud migration guide details more about how to plan a cloud migration, the steps you can take to prepare and the Microsoft technology you can use to meet your needs.

Microsoft offer a range of tools and services such as Azure Migrate, to help you get your data in the right format and into Azure. We also recommend speaking to your Microsoft partner who can help you through the whole process. At Bridgeall we help organisations understand the potential benefits of moving to the cloud, develop a plan for moving and then carry out the cloud migration in partnership with the business users. 

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