Accelerate your digital transformation with OutSystems

  • Leading high-performance lowcode application development platform

  • Fully bespoke solutions for your business

  • Build up to 6x faster than traditional development

Who are OutSystems?

The OutSystems enterprise low-code platform gives technology leaders and developers the tools to rapidly build and deploy their own business-critical applications. The company’s network spans more than 700,000 community members, over 500 partners, and has active customers in 79 countries across 21 industries. OutSystems is “The #1 Low-Code Platform®” and a recognised leader by analysts, IT executives, business leaders and developers around the world. It was recognised for the 7th consecutive time as a magic quadrant leader and achieved the highest score in three out of five use cases. Some of the most well-known brands use OutSystems to turn their big ideas into software that moves their business, people and the world forward.

Think Low-code is limited? Not with OutSystems

The low-code market is a noisy place, with every platform and workflow tool offering some kind of app developer environment to extend their core features. OutSystems stands apart as the full stack, enterprise grade visual development platform, loved by customers and developers alike.

Full Stack Visual Development – from data and logic to process and presentation, all with one toolset that is easy to learn and support.

AI Enhanced both improving the experience for developers and enabling AI for the solutions they build. 

Built in DevOps – manage applications, versions, environments and pipelines all from one place. 

Cloud Native – containerised microservices allow global and technical scalability to handle the most challenging workloads. 

Secure, monitored runtime –  make sure your applications are ready to handle all that the world can throw at them. 

Build solutions for all your toughest problems

OutSystems can be used for almost any type of solution, from small data management applications to enterprise-wide ERP or HCM style solutions. Companies like Western Union, Petrobas, Medtronic, and Santander all trust OutSystems with their challenges. 

Here are just some of the types of apps you can create and start to implement within your organisation.

Customer/ Supplier Portals – easily create beautiful, pixel-perfect pages for your external partners to interact with your products and processes, integrated with your core internal systems and data stores. 

Productivity Improvement – gather administrative tasks into a single portal, set reminders and alerts, manage delegation, and automate where possible by joining data across systems and processes. 

Legacy Replacement –connect and extend your key internal systems, then update and replace their core functionality if that makes sense.  Examples include restoring SAP to “vanilla” before upgrading to S4/Hana – or replacing technologies like Lotus Notes or Open Road that may have many smaller applications on an unsupported platform. 

OutSystems services

If you’re looking to start your journey with OutSystems, we can help. At Bridgeall we have a team of OutSystems specialists, working across many customer organisations for the last 5 years. We stay up to date with new features, best practice and are constantly improving our methodology to save you money and help improve your OutSystems environment.