Has your OutSystems Infrastructure grown through the first few projects, and now isn’t working quite as effectively as intended? Often organisations can build many apps quickly, but then the weight of support and changes to existing apps slows down the pace of new project delivery. 

At this point it’s often worth a look at the people, processes, and systems around your OutSystems infrastructure to see if there are areas to fine-tune to deliver the support and maintain the new work velocity. Our OutSystems architects have worked with many organisations to solve problems like: 

  • Setting up the users, roles, and permissions on the infrastructure to enable a proper separation of duties between support and project teams 
  • Implementing a domain driven design and loosely coupled architecture through refactoring – removing technical debt and speeding up deployment
  • Looking at specific technical challenges, such as performance problems, automated testing, or pipeline integration 

The audit process

Our OutSystems audit is carried out by one of our certified OutSystems architects. After a kick-off meeting to agree priorities and gain some background on the infrastructure we move onto the review stage.
We have a proven methodology and approach to quickly assess all aspects of your OutSystems infrastructure, starting with AI Mentor Studio and Discovery. We review the full setup around your application as well as any specific problem apps identified in the review. We consider cyber security, best practice and the latest features within OutSystems.  

Our review includes

  • Environment setup  
  • Application architecture and dependencies 
  • Performance, Security, and Maintainability  
  • Data setup and sources  
  • Best practice design principles and accessibility  
  • Change and application lifecycle management 

The recommendation report

After the review we will produce a full recommendation report. This report highlights all issues identified with your OutSystems environment or applications and provides a roadmap to deal with them. This roadmap is broken down into short, medium and long-term priorities, with all high-risk recommendations in the short-term section. As part of this recommendation report you will also receive a high-level quote to complete the changes. We will provide a document version of the recommendation report and will also present the findings in an interactive review meeting.

Cost and timescales

Our audit starts at 3-5 consultancy days. The size depends on the complexity and scale of the challenge presented. The more complex the app the more involved the review process will be. The exercise generally takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

Why choose Bridgeall?

At Bridgeall we have a team of OutSystems specialists, working across many customer organisations for the last 5 years. We stay up to date with new features, best practice and are constantly improving our methodology to save you money and help improve your OutSystems environment.