Digital and Application Services

We provide services to support all aspects of your digital transformation and application development needs. We accelerate your organisation to your ideal application landscape by understanding where you are and creating a plan for the organisation you want to be.

We do this by providing a range of expert enterprise solution architects, digital and data strategy consultants to support you every step of your journey.

  • Fully understand your digital landscape

  • Develop a digital enterprise architecture that will deliver value

  • Scope and develop applications

Our Approach

Our approach is one of collaboration. We provide digital expertise to augment your existing team. Your knowledge of your goals, setup and business plan, paired with our digital expertise is a match made in heaven.

Assess the Landscape

Understanding the starting point is key for any journey. Assessing your digital landscape and solution architecture is a critical step that’s often overlooked. Understanding what systems you have, how they are connected, what data is held in each solution, how data moves around your organisation and what constraints do these systems have.

The key element to not forget here is the wider organizational factors, what are your application and data processes like, how is your security, governance and ownership approach. Lastly it is key to include capability, what skills and experience do you have in your team and what gaps might you have.

To be successful a landscape assessment needs to provide a holistic review of your setup.

A plan for the future

This is the most important step. Whether you call this creating an enterprise architecture, digital or application strategy. Creating a plan for where you want your organisation to be and a roadmap to achieving this is key. It should combine strategic ownership, include input from various stakeholders and be clear on the objectives.

The bones of a new enterprise architecture is about plotting out the new system landscape. This can be new systems needing implemented or updates to existing systems. Again don’t forget about the wider requirements for processes and people to support all of the tech side of things.

Getting Started

Once you have your digital strategy its now on to getting it done. At this stage its about developing really good requirements for any changes needed or new solutions. What do these solutions need to do, how do they fit in your landscape, what do the users of the system require, how do we future proof this. Taking this to the system design level showing new processes, the data flows and other impacts is a key deliverable.

Another element of this can be to create proof of concepts. Going through Alpha and Beta phases can help you hone your requirements and get to a better solution with a more iterative approach.


At Bridgeall we have over 20 years experiences helping organisations with their applications. We have a large team of certified consultants with a vast track record. We have experience designing, building and improving custom applications and  and hold the Microsoft solution partner designation for Digital & App innovation on Azure.

No matter where you are on your journey we can help.

Digital strategy briefing

We offer a free 1-hour digital strategy briefing to discuss your requirements with one of our digital consultants. During this session we will talk you through our approach.

Digital landscape assessment

We offer a tailor made digital landscape assessment. Fully analysing your existing digital landscape. The applications you have, how the communicate, any gaps and vulnerabilities within the existing setup. Find out about our proven methodology and the detailed recommendations report included.

Digital strategy and roadmap development

Create a digital and app enterprise architecture that provides your organisation with a clear target operating model and roadmap to digital transformation.

Design and proof of concept

We offer a range of proof of concept and application design services. These can be tailored for new requirements, custom applications and modernizing existing applications. From idea to app development we cover the full range of requirements.