Bridgeall is delighted to announce a partnership with Scottish Ballet to enhance the organisation’s off stage agility.


Scottish Ballet, founded in 1969, is Scotland’s national dance company. Currently celebrating 50 years of inspiring audiences on stage and beyond, the company’s mission is to create ballet that makes a lasting impact, develops dance as an art form and improves the lives of future generations.

Based in Glasgow, the company performs regularly across Scotland, the UK and internationally to audiences in excess of 100,000 per annum.

To support their move to the cloud and Office 365 – a project also being managed by Bridgeall – there was a need to improve Scottish Ballet’s Intranet delivering key wins in a number of areas critical to the efficient management of the organisation.

The Modern Intranet Solution

Building on the successful completion of other Modern Intranet Projects with a range of clients across diverse industries and working in close collaboration with Scottish Ballet’s internal management team, Bridgeall quickly delivered these improvements using the Microsoft Modern SharePoint framework.

The main goal of the initial Intranet project was to rationalise some key business processes by bringing important content and information into one place supported by a bright modern theme.

Quick wins included:

  • Dancer scheduling is now available quickly and easily on the Intranet rather than relying on cumbersome email-based processes.
  • Easy access to events and classes from the Intranet home page.
  • Major efficiency improvements in the room booking system have been implemented as a basis for future automation.
  • News and press articles are now easily accessible from the home page.


Adopting an agile iterative approach, the successful completion of the first stage Intranet redevelopment is supporting Scottish Ballet’s move towards the cloud and Office 365. A strong foundation has been established for the company to reap the full benefits from the Modern SharePoint Intranet framework. 

As stated in previous Bridgeall blog posts, ask most employees what they think of their organisations’ Intranet and you will be met with a collective shake of the head and roll of the eyes.

Difficult to navigate and poorly designed, it is not surprising that many Intranets are places to avoid with poor adoption and low workforce engagement.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Deployed effectively, recent improvements in SharePoint provide organisations with an attractive option for building agile, modern, user-centric Intranets delivering personalised user experiences.

Intranets that become the flexible hub supporting your digital workplace strategy.

Modern SharePoint Intranets deliver fast, agile, customised user experiences that work seamlessly across all platforms and devices; providing the tools, systems and capabilities to design and build sites that help people and organisations achieve more.

As a Multiple Microsoft Gold Partner, Bridgeall have successfully implemented modern Intranets for a broad range of public and private sector organisations. 

Working with your internal team, we can build a Modern SharePoint Intranet for your organisation delivering fast, agile user experiences. An Intranet site customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation, supporting staff and team productivity, optimised for full accessibility across all devices.


Steven Roth, Executive Director at Scottish Ballet states:

‘We are delighted that Bridgeall has been able to reflect Scottish Ballet’s agile and innovative approach through the development of the company Intranet. As a fast-paced touring organisation, a user-friendly and reliable platform is essential, and Bridgeall’s delivery of the new Intranet project ensures Scottish Ballet can continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of the business.’ 

Graeme McLean, SharePoint Practice Lead at Bridgeall states:

‘It was a great experience working with the internal team at Scottish Ballet. Using an agile collaborative approach, we were able to deliver immediate business improvements in a short time period. The initial Intranet project, together with the move to the cloud and O365, has provided Scottish Ballet with a strong foundation for reaping the full business benefits of a Modern SharePoint Intranet, leading to bigger and better things for the Ballet.’

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You can find out more about Scottish Ballet here – Scottish Ballet.

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