The low code revolution is here. What does it mean and how might it affect your organisation?

The low code or no code revolution is the rise of drag and drop, simple user interfaces, that allow non developers to easily build digital solutions, applications, dashboards and automated workflows. These solutions provide a wide range of ready-made templates, components and features to make it easy to create without having any coding capability. The low code revolution is enabling everyone to develop digital solutions, reduce development costs & time and transform the way we think of digital development.

The low code revolution is being driven by 3 important and connected trends.

  1. Advancements in cloud technology has driven the ability to create new drag and drop interfaces, templates and standardised use cases.
  2. A huge rise in demand of digital skills and enterprise developers has led to a shortage. As organisations continue to adopt technology and digitise their business, the need for developers to build all of these solutions has seen a shortage and a rise in wages as organisations fight to get the best talent.
  3. Low code development is considerably cheaper than traditional application development with a saving of around 70% on application development costs. With so many templates and connectors it is easy to see where the savings come from.

Gartner reckons that 65% of application development activity will be low code by 2024. With Forrester supporting this with an expected rise of spend on low code of 15% in 2021. This is all being driven by the three trends mentioned above.

Citizen Developers

The term citizen developer is one that is often associated with low code solutions. The concept being that anyone can use low code solutions; anyone can be a developer. For every day employees it creates a huge opportunity to improve processes, manual tasks and reporting. Ensuring you provide the right access to low code platforms plus support and training to get you up and running with these new tools will be a great way of unlocking a huge amount of value within your organisation.

Introducing the Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is the low code platform that provides market leading capability. An easy to use drag and drop interface, built on a simple and powerful data solution supported with 100’s of prebuilt connectors and components.

From building dashboards and reports, to applications, process automation and AI powered chatbots, Power Platform provides the tools your employees need to develop and digitise your workplace.

Microsoft Power Platform was named as leader in the magic quadrant of Low code solutions by Gartner.

To learn more about the Microsoft Power Platform, download our Power Platform product guide below or visit our Power Platform services page.


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