Power Apps is Microsoft’s low code app builder platform. It provides a simple drag and drop editor and a wide range of connectors to make it easy to turn your processes into applications. When combined with Power BI and Power Automate you can transform your organisation.

In this article we discuss the different licensing options available. We also explain the special offers available just now and the licensing changes coming in October 2021.

Power Apps Licensing

There are two main licensing options available for Power Apps. One is based on licensing applications and the other on providing a user with a license.

Per App plan

The per app plan is a license that is not attached to a particular user. Your organisation can assess the apps you have and the expected number of users at any one time and then purchase that amount of licenses.

The main benefit of this route is the fact that it is concurrent users not named users.

One of the slight complications of the per app plan is it gives more than access to one app, it provides access to 2 apps and a portal, which should factor into your calculations for how many licenses you need.

Cost: £7.50 per user per app per month

Per user plan

This is the more traditional licensing route. You purchase  licenses that are attached to a user and allow that user unlimited access to any Power App in your organisation.

This is more expensive than the per app plan but for organisations with many  well used Power Apps, this will be the better option.

Cost: £30.20 per user per month

Microsoft 365 bundles

It is worth noting that you do get a limited version of Power Apps with Office/Microsoft 365 E1, E3 and E5. This does, however, come with some limitations. You get a capacity limit of 2,000 steps and you can only use standard connectors.

Power Apps licensing changes

As mentioned earlier there are several changes coming to Power Apps licensing in October 2021. The main change is the price dropping considerably. The changes include:

  • Per App plan – The per app plan will be reduced to $5 (£3.75) but will only give you access to one app and one portal per license.
  • Per user plan – The per user plan will also be reduced to $20 (£15.10) with plan entitlement remaining the same.

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