Windows 365 is a new service from Microsoft that allows you to access a cloud PC via a browser. It allows businesses to provide access to Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 suite but via any device. Windows 365 is part of the Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 11 technology stack.

In this article we discuss what Windows 365 is and explain what it does.

What is Windows 365?

Windows 365 is a virtualization solution or put differently a cloud service where you can log in and access a cloud PC. This cloud PC has Windows 11 and includes Microsoft 365. Each Cloud PC is assigned to an individual user and completely secure. You can then access this Cloud PC on any device.

Windows 365 provides a simple provisioning process whereby you simply add a Windows 365 license to a user in Azure Active Directory and the solution is automatically spun up for them.

Windows 365 comes with Endpoint Management and Intune integration to help support better device management, admin support and provisioning.

Windows 365 offers fixed-price licensing (through Microsoft 365) for different Cloud PC sizes. When you assign a license to a user, you need to select one of several size options. Each has a different number of CPUs, RAM, and storage, and is intended to support different usage scenarios. Assess your business requirements to determine which sizes make sense for your users.

Why use Windows 365?

This allows organisations to provide digital services to a wide range of stakeholders that might need them but where giving these stakeholders a company device might not make sense. For example, Non-Executive Directors, Volunteers, Temporary workers or Trustees, could greatly benefit from this new service.

In many cases Windows 365 is a more cost-effective solution to alternative desktop virtualization offerings subject to your requirements.

Windows 365 Business or Enterprise?

There are two versions of Windows 365 available Business and Enterprise. As with most Microsoft products, Enterprise has more control, more features and is better embedded across the wider Microsoft Stack.

Windows 365 Business is also capped at 300 seats, so large organisations will struggle to utilise this. Windows 365 Business also provisions a standard Cloud PC with default settings, where Enterprise provides full customisation options.

Windows 365 is a great new solution offering organisations a set of much needed capability with certain user groups. If you think your organisation could benefit from Windows 365 then please contact us to learn more.