Did you know that if you are using SharePoint 2013 or older and fail to update the software, you may be at risk of losing your Cyber Essentials status? This not only applies to SharePoint but in general when it comes to older software. In this article we explain the risks that come with continuing to use outdated software.

Easy for cyber criminals to access your data

One of the simplest ways cyber criminals can access your data is down to outdated security. These systems are very vulnerable as they do not have the latest security updates. When you ignore warnings or refuse to download updates it’s much easier for criminals to target these vulnerable points and gain access to sensitive information. Make sure you have the manufacturer’s support for your software, so you will receive every security update. When you can access these updates, make sure you have these installed as soon as you can. 

You risk losing your Cyber Essentials status

Cyber Essentials is a UK certification scheme designed to show an organisation has a minimum level of protection in cyber security. This is achieved through annual assessments to maintain certification. 

It provides the peace of mind that your defences will keep you protected from common cyber-attacks. Many criminals won’t attempt to access an organisation with Cyber Essentials certifications, instead choosing other, easier targets (ones who aren’t certified). For users who are still using outdated software this means this product will not be supported and as a result no security fixes will be issued. Organisations may continue to use the software, but this means you are more susceptible to security risks and compliance issues.

Most likely to have system failures

When your software is outdated, this also means that vendor support will most likely cease. Older software becomes less and less likely to work on new hardware and remain compatible with newer operating systems. In the worst case scenario the outdated software is a core part of you business operations and if this goes down you are more vulnerable to cyber criminals gaining access to your system or major data loss.

Negative effect on staff productivity

It’s a fact that outdated software runs slower, causes delays and requires more maintenance than newer up to date technology. With these barriers in the way it is inevitable that your team will become frustrated with the tools they have, and the time being wasted on completing otherwise straight forward tasks. With these factors in play, productivity will decrease and in turn cost your business money.

Increasing costs

Cost is a huge factor when it comes to outdated software. The common perception is that by sticking with old technologies you’re saving yourself money when in fact it’s quite the opposite. Outdated systems tend to end up costing organisations much more money. This is down to the software experiencing failures and legacy systems requiring more assistance and maintenance, which means that you’re constantly spending more money to keep these failing systems in place. 

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