Bridgeall is a 10 x Microsoft Gold partner and throughout the pandemic we have helped organisations quickly move to hybrid working. Since then we have been working alongside our customers to improve and optimise their hybrid working technology to better support their employees and business.

The primary way your employees now deal with your organisation is through technology, so it has never been more important to have the right technology approach.


Our hybrid working technology assessment is perfect for organisations looking to improve their hybrid working infrastructure. Most organisations quickly shifted to hybrid working and have not fully optimised their approach. This leads to core challenges for your employees including collaboration and productivity that is costing your business time and money.

Most organisations still have challenges around:

  • Legacy on-premise applications with poor or limited access
  • Non-optimal use of collaboration tools like SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.
  • Communication challenges between office and remote workers
  • Limited device and data management remotely
  • Cyber security threats

Our approach

We help organisations improve their hybrid working technology environment by focusing on the below key principles:

We fully assess your entire technology infrastructure to identify improvements. This includes, hardware, software, cloud set up, on-premise servicers, phone system, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, VPN, Virtual Desktop service, cyber security and more.

The assessment will be carried out by one of expert Microsoft technology consultants. Our consultants have a proven methodology in carrying out the assessment and a range of tools to help them with their analysis.

We look to generate quick wins for our customers by focusing on the existing solutions and licenses they have and focus our recommendations around these areas to maximise return.

What we do during the hybrid working technology assessment:

  • Discovery workshop with your team – we look to understand your IT set up in more detail and unearth any pain points or priorities for the business
  • System access – we need access to your key systems and IT tenants to be able to fully assess their use and performance
  • IT audit – Once we have access to your systems, we can start to assess what systems you have and what you are using them for. This will allow us to spot any opportunities or gaps that will feature in the report.
  • Recommendation report and workshop – We provide you with a written report detailing out our audit and a host of recommendations to help improve your remote/hybrid working environment. We will run a workshop with you to discuss these in detail and agree any next steps. We can provide indicative costs for completing the recommendations if required.

What’s included?

This hybrid working technology assessment includes everything mentioned above. It also includes 3 full consultancy days used to run the workshops and carry out the assessment and report writing.

You will receive a full recommendation report with clear actions and improvements for your organisation. We will also include a proposal for Bridgeall completing the work. This provides you with a clear action plan to optimise your hybrid working environment.

We will help you a build a more secure, productive and relevant hybrid working infrastructure.