Custom Application Development

At Bridgeall we build digital applications, solutions and experiences for our customers.

We have built complex, business critical solutions for over 20 years for every organisation size and type. Our approach to custom app development is to embrace best practice, cloud first solutions that are built to last.

Set yourself apart from the competition with custom solutions that match your own unique approach.

  • We focus on quality delivering high performing, stable apps

  • Best practice security, architecture and interface approaches

  • We deliver business value and high ROI across app lifecycle

Why choose a custom application?

When considering a custom application, you likely have a set of digital requirements and a few options available to you in terms of custom applications, customised business systems and low code development platforms.

Often custom applications are discounted with incorrect assumptions. The word flexibility is key when it comes to custom application development. Any requirement, any scale and hosted anywhere. 5 reasons to consider a custom application:

  1. Low ongoing costs and competitive total cost of ownership
  2. Completely tailored to your needs and processes
  3. Save on development time with frameworks
  4. Easily adapt and evolve your app
  5. Simple global deployment architecture

Our Approach

When it comes to custom application development our approach is simple. We focus on developing great requirements and a clear scope so that you know exactly what to expect. A new custom application is a big project and involves a lot of change so clear communication throughout is a critical factor to ensure success.

We generally deliver applications via sprints, so you can see the progress and development as it comes on, giving you more opportunity for feedback.

We focus on the end user, bringing them along the journey with us. Allowing them to feedback into feature development and ensure robust UAT(user acceptance testing) is carried out. On top of this we provide roll out training to ensure that the published application delivers value from the start.

We have a robust proven methodology to ensure application development at the highest level. Using the latest approaches to testing, devops and project management approaches.

Application Development Services

We help organisations turn an idea into an application. Our development team have experience working on every size and type of application. From creating requirements to developing a technology strategy for your application we provide a full range of services.

Bridgeall has a Solutions Designation for Azure Digital and App Innovation. This solution designation showcases partners that build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premise, and at the edge.

We have a large team of developers and a strong track record of delivering quality applications to meet a wide range of use cases and requirements.

We offer a full range of application design, development and support services to suit your needs.

We have built 100s of applications over the last 20 years, delivering them to the highest standard for our customers. We use a flexible sprint based approach designed around you by our highly experience development team.

Application development briefing

We offer a free 2 hour briefing with one of Microsoft certified development team to discuss your requirements and explore PowerApps and traditional .Net application development routes.

Application Development case studies