Bridgeall’s Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum, taking place on the 1st November, is close to being oversubscribed.

Organised in collaboration with Exactive, Redspire and Microsoft, the highly interactive forum will review the digital challenges facing Scotland’s public services; the progress being made; barriers to be overcome; presenting scenarios covering the public sector digital workplace of the future.

Using Interactive Audience Polling Software, the 70 plus delegates will address the key issues facing public sector digital leaders. Polling results will be published as a Forum White Paper ‘The State of Public Sector Digital Transformation 2018’.

Questions to be addressed will include the following:

  • To what extent has digital transformation become a priority for your organisation?
  • Does your organisation have an agreed digital transformation strategy?
  • What progress has been made in implementing the strategy?
  • What are the main barriers and obstacles to transformational change within your organisation?
  • Does your organisation have an implementation plan to overcome these barriers?
  • Is your organisation leveraging the full potential of digital technology for delivering exceptional customer experiences at Key Moments of Truth in the customer journey?
  • What progress has been made by your organisation in using technology to digitise key business processes; support staff engagement, building a more collaborative, agile, digital workplace; derive actionable insights from data?
  • Your organisation’s use of emerging technologies such as voice, digital workplaces, automation, IoT, the blockchain etc.
  • The impact of digital disruption on future employment, labour markets and skills in the public sector.
  • To what extent will automation lead to large scale job losses?
  • Is there a crisis of digital leadership in the sector?

We look forward to meeting everyone at Microsoft’s office in Edinburgh next Thursday.

Delegate places at the Forum are in very short supply – check the current status here.