Microsoft has announced that it will completely end support for SharePoint Server 2010 by October 13th 2020.

End of support will mean:

  • No more critical updates released for SharePoint Server 2010 even under extended support.
  • No security updates developed or released after end of support. 
  • End of support for the operating systems supporting SharePoint Server 2010.

Introduced at the SharePoint Conference 2009, SharePoint 2010 is still the most popular edition of SharePoint used in enterprises wishing to keep it on-premises.

With less than two years till the end of support, many organisations have a limited time period to fill the gap. Standing still is not an option because of the higher costs and risks associated with not migrating.

According to Microsoft, costs will include adding or dramatically improving an intrusion detection system, more advanced firewalls and network segmentation simply to isolate servers; plus additional costs for maintaining ageing hardware and potentially Microsoft CSA. Without the CSA, there will be significant security risks arising from the end of support. For many organisations, lack of compliance with various standards and regulations could be devastating.

Organisations still using 2010 need to start planning for change now. Two years is not a lot of time to develop and implement a replacement strategy.

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