Microsoft Teams is rapidly emerging as the platform for workplace communications, collaboration and workflow efficiency, but is your organisation leveraging its full potential?

In a recent blog post, Microsoft shared the ten latest Teams integrations for working smarter, including integrations for customer feedback, employee polls, workflow and project management, automation, creative and collaborative idea sharing and others.

  1. Customer feedback within Teams: Twitter – Twitter integration allows nominated staff to share and respond to alerts relevant to your organisation from within the Teams platform.
  2. Transform workflow: ServiceNow – ServiceNow integration transforms old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows.
  3. Automated administrative assistant: – integration allows you to offload and automate key tasks such as scheduling meetings, daily briefings and reminder notifications from within Teams. The video shows how it works.
  4. Project management and project collaboration: Trello – With Trello integration, you can view project assignments, tasks and notifications; having conversations about them without leaving Teams. The Trello video shows how.
  5. Polls with conversations: Polly – Polly is a survey app allowing you to create surveys in Teams. Polls can be quickly created in your Teams channels with results being presented in real-time. It provides the answers you need without disrupting workflows or clogging inboxes. Visit Polly for Microsoft Teams to learn more.
  6. Culture and values: Disco – Disco helps to rally your employees around core values. It makes it easy to give public recognition and congratulate colleagues in real-time. See the Disco video to learn more.
  7. Agile software development: – Jira Software integration provides agile teams with a visual way to plan, track and release great software faster, earlier and more often without disrupting workflows. Learn more about Microsoft Teams Jira Connector.
  8. Structured online brainstorming: MindMeister – Integration with MindMeister, an online mind-mapping tool, allows ideas to be captured, developed and shared visually all within Teams, while at the same time facilitating team chat around key issues. To learn more, please see Create and Manage All Your Mind Maps in Microsoft Teams!.
  9. Creative team work: Adobe Creative Cloud – With Adobe Creative Cloud integration, creative work and teamwork are brought together within Teams. For more details see Adobe XD Adds Integration with Microsoft Teams—Creativity meets collaboration.
  10. Build software in the way that works best for you: GitHub – GitHub integration allows developers to participate in the world’s leading software development platform from within Teams.

You can read the full post here – 10 of the latest Microsoft Teams integrations to help you work smarter, not harder.

Whether your organisation is just starting out with Microsoft Teams, or wishing to leverage its full potential, please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal chat on how we can help.