Twenty-five questions to help you assess whether there is a need for change within your organisation.

To what extent do you agree/disagree with the following?

  1. Our organisation is too hierarchical, bureaucratic and controlling.
  2. Excessive use of email has become a major productivity buster.
  3. We have too many pointless meetings to attend.
  4. Major scope for productivity improvement exists in our organisation.
  5. There is a low level of staff engagement/motivation.
  6. We work in silos with limited staff collaboration and cross-functional teamwork.
  7. Scope for improvement exists in internal communications and knowledge sharing.
  8. Accessing data can be frustrating and time-consuming.
  9. Decision-making is based on hunch rather than data analytics.
  10. Our organisational culture does not encourage innovation or experimentation.
  11. ‘The system won’t allow us to do that’.
  12. Some internal processes remain clunky and inefficient.
  13. Our IT infrastructure is not ‘fit-for-purpose’ in the digital era.
  14. Employees do not have access to the latest ‘best-in-class’ software.
  15. Valuable time is wasted because of outdated technology and outdated ways of doing things.
  16. There is limited scope for mobile/remote/flexible working.
  17. Shadow IT, the unapproved use of apps and software, is an emerging problem.
  18. IT vendors are inflexible and restrictive in adapting to our evolving needs.
  19. Our internal IT team spend much of their time fire-fighting.
  20. There is a high level of staff resistance to change.
  21. Staff do not have the digital skills to adopt new ways of working.
  22. We have a talent recruitment and retention problem.
  23. IT security remains a major concern.
  24. There is very limited or no use of emerging technologies within our organisation e.g. AI, automation, IoT, the Blockchain, etc.
  25. Digital natives would not find our organisation an attractive place to work.

If you agree with many of the above statements, it may be time for your organisation to begin its journey to becoming a Modern Intelligent Workplace – embedding technology at the core of everything your organisation does to streamline internal systems and processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs; becoming an agile, fast-moving, collaborative, data-driven, productive organisation, ‘fit-for-purpose’ in a digital age.

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