As we approach a post-Brexit world, urgent action is required to address the UK’s productivity problem.

There are two main ways of improving this. 

We could all work longer hours and harder OR we can leverage the full potential of emerging technologies for building Modern Intelligent Workplaces, rethinking ‘the way things are done around here’, breaking free from the limits imposed by outdated systems and outdated management thinking. 

Embedding technology at the core of everything your organisation does to streamline internal systems and processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs; becoming an agile, fast-moving, collaborative, data-driven, productive organisation, ‘fit-for-purpose’ in a digital age.

On October 30th, Bridgeall with Microsoft will be facilitating a Change Leaders Forum exploring the issues and challenges facing public and private sector organisations in building Modern Intelligent Workplaces.

In order to assess the progress being made in this area, we are conducting a short pre-forum survey – The 2019 Modern Intelligent Workplace Survey – which we would be very grateful if you could complete.

This is being conducted independently by Dr. Jim Hamill, Business Fellow at the University of Strathclyde Business School, with results being published as a White Paper – “Improving Productivity through Building Modern Intelligent Workplaces” – made available to all participants.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete with all responses being treated in the strictest confidence.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

PS: If you would like to receive a copy of the White Paper, please ensure that you complete the final question in the survey.

You can access the survey here – The 2019 Modern Intelligent Workplace Survey

You can register (free) to attend the Change Leaders Forum here – Change Leaders Forum: Empowering the Modern Intelligent Workplace.