Tomorrow evening we will be hosting the second of our Leading Digital Forums.

The topic being discussed is overcoming the barriers and obstacles to successful transformation.

Dr. Jim Hamill, Strathclyde Business School, will present a short summary of recent research findings covering best-practice digital leadership, with a specific focus on overcoming the barriers to change.

Using an interactive polling tool, participants will then be able to evaluate the progress being made by their own organisation benchmarked against ten key transformation success factors:

  • Know your starting point – the importance of undertaking an external digital landscape analysis & internal digital maturity audit.
  • Agreeing the transformation vision, strategy, objectives, KPIs and targets.
  • Being customer-focused, including internal customers.
  • Agree the digital transformation roadmap – prioritise digital actions and initiatives ensuring alignment with agreed business goals and objectives.
  • Overcoming the non-technology barriers to change – organisation, people, culture, resources, governance.
  • Communicating the vision, winning the right to engage, overcoming staff resistance – ‘what’s in it for us’?
  • Winning senior executive support and resource allocation; transformation leadership.
  • Agile implementation.
  • Maintain momentum.
  • Performance monitoring, iteration and scale.

 A short summary of our first Leaders Forum, held in June, can be found here – The State of Digital Transformation 2019.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to be kept informed of forthcoming events.