With Microsoft announcing the general availability of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), it is time for organisations to revisit their desktop strategy, moving to a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) model. 

As summarised in an earlier post, the Azure-based DaaS solution WVD offers Microsoft customers an easy migration path from traditional Windows on individual endpoint devices to Windows in the cloud, with simple virtual desktop licensing and new DaaS-friendly features such as multi-session Windows 10 – Windows Virtual Desktop to Revolutionise IT Infrastructure.

Use of WVD is expected to grow exponentially.

A recent article published by Xaas Journal suggests five main reasons why the time for desktop as a service is now.

  • Migrating to Windows 10: With the end of life support for Windows 7 being just months away (January 14, 2020), WVD delivers a secure desktop environment without data center infrastructure and management investments, allowing users to benefit from Windows 10 in a more cost-efficient, agile and low-maintenance way.
  • Lower end-user computing costs: WVD can deliver major CAPEX savings and OPEX efficiencies, while at the same time future-proofing your desktop environment.
  • Enhanced endpoint security: By centralising Windows 10 in the cloud and using a more secure OS at the endpoint, WVD can dramatically reduce security risk exposure while cutting patch and update time to next to nothing.
  • Simplified endpoint management and control: Additional benefits can be derived through streamlined end-user computing management and control. Support for thousands of user devices can be provided from one central console delivering major savings in help desk costs and time.
  • User Productivity. Perhaps the greatest benefit from adopting WVD is delivering an enhanced user-experience, happy and more productive employees. Today’s end-users, especially digital natives, expect new levels of data access, performance, mobility and flexibility on any device. WVD provides this without compromising security. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like an informal chat on how WVD, deployed effectively, can deliver significantly lower costs, higher productivity, enhanced security and simplified IT management for your organisation, while at the same time enhancing the user experience.

You can access the full article here.