Expanding on our two previous blog posts (The Modern Intelligent Workplace 2020 and Building the Modern Intelligent Workplace), this follow-up post presents a short overview of Bridgeall products, technologies and services supporting your organisation in becoming more modern and intelligent.

A follow-up post will cover the approach we adopt to ensure successful delivery.

Bridgeall Managing Director Dr. Stephen Beer states,  

“A digital era requires Modern Intelligent Workplaces (MIW). Work environments leveraging the full potential of technology for rethinking ‘the way things are done around here’. Breaking free from the limits imposed by outdated systems and outdated management thinking. While 75 percent of senior executives state that the Modern Intelligent Workplace has become ‘mission-critical’ for their organisation, only 22 percent are making ‘good’ progress in becoming modern and intelligent.

As a multiple Microsoft Gold Partner, working closely with your internal management team, Bridgeall can embed technology at the core of everything your organisation does streamlining internal systems, processes and workflows; improving efficiency and reducing costs; ensuring that your organisation becomes agile, fast-moving, collaborative, data-driven and ‘fit-for-purpose’ in a digital age.”

How We Can Help

Bridgeall products, technologies and services for the Modern Intelligent Workplace, combined with the overall approach we adopt, can help to transform the engine of your organisation, delivering real business improvement always on-time, within budget.

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Lower Costs
  • Improved Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing & Staff Engagement
  • Actionable Insights from Data
  • Workflow Automation
  • Enhanced Mobility, Security & Compliance
  • Best-in-Class IT Infrastructure
  • Improved Customer Experiences

Our Modern Workplace Solutions include:

  • CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT – when ‘off-the-shelf’ is insufficient or flexible enough for your organisation, Bridgeall’s highly experienced business solutions team can design and build mission-critical software to your exact specifications.
  • OFFICE 365 – your cloud-based productivity, collaborative and mobile hub for building modern and intelligent workplaces.
  • MODERN SHAREPOINT INTRANETS – agile, modern, user-centric Intranets delivering personalised user experiences seamlessly across all platforms and devices.
  • POWER PLATFORM – develop custom business apps connecting your data and work across mobile and the web. Take productivity to new heights by automating key business processes.
  • MICROSOFT TEAMS – used effectively, Teams can significantly improve ‘the way things are done around here’, supporting a more agile, fast-moving, collaborative working environment.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – derive actionable insights from data using Power BI and Workplace Analytics.
  • CROWDSOURCED INNOVATION – turn more crowdsourced ideas into meaningful outcomes for your organisation with Bridgeall’s Innovation Management platform smartcrowds. Enhance your innovation pipeline with diverse, high impact ideas while minimising your innovation risks & costs.
  • AZURE CLOUD – the world’s best cloud services platform for corporate customers.
  • MANAGED IT, SERVICES & SUPPORT – optimise digital by off-loading the burden of IT and app management to Bridgeall’s expert Managed Services Team, including Windows Virtual Desktop, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Compliance Management.
  • BRIDGEALL WATER – protecting water retailer and wholesaler revenue in the deregulated non-domestic water utility sector with Bridgeall’s trevi Product Suite.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal chat on how Bridgeall can support your organisation become more modern and intelligent.