As organisations across the globe adjust to the new reality of remote working, Microsoft has published very detailed advice on how to leverage the full potential of Teams to support virtual collaboration.

The advice proffered covers four main issues:

Onboard your organisation

How to prepare your network for Microsoft Teams, making sure all users have access; distribute the clients and devices; use Advisor for Teams to plan and review your rollout.

Manage the experience with robust settings and policies

Meet organisational requirements; tailor the Teams experience for users, including Teams, messaging, meetings and calling policies; live event settings; monitoring usage and quality of service.

Secure company data while safeguarding privacy

How to apply the highest levels of trust, security and privacy to your remote working environment.

Drive adoption of remote working

Guidance and resources for driving Teams adoption, staying productive while working remotely.

You can read the full article here.

Microsoft’s guide to enabling remote workers to stay connected, productive, and secure can be found here.

Bridgeall Supports Virtual Working

To support your organisation in sustaining new ways of working in a post-COVID-19 digital world, Bridgeall is currently offering a free trial of Windows Virtual Desktop providing a robust and secure infrastructure supporting remote Teams.

We are also offering a free advice session covering Modern Intelligent Workplace tools including:

Office 365

Your cloud-based productivity, collaborative and mobile hub for building modern and intelligent workplaces.

Microsoft Teams

Used effectively, Teams will significantly improve ‘the way things are done around here’, supporting a more agile, fast-moving, collaborative working environment.   

Modern SharePoint Intranets

Agile, modern, user-centric Intranets delivering personalised user experiences seamlessly across all platforms and devices. 

Business Intelligence        

Derive actionable insights from data using Power BI.

Power Platform

Rapidly develop custom business apps connecting your data and work across mobile and the web. Take productivity to new heights and automate key business processes with Power Apps and Power Automate.

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