For food & drink companies facing up to the challenges of a post-COVID-19, post-Brexit digital world, the low-code software development tools available through Microsoft Power Platform provide exciting opportunities for building sophisticated applications taking productivity to new levels at significantly reduced costs.

Building on our recent blog post Power Apps: Supporting Operational Excellence in Food & Drink, we have produced the short video below to highlight the potential of Power Apps/Power Platform in supporting business resilience, operational excellence, productivity and competitiveness in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, including the automation of mundane repetitive tasks.

By building powerful workflow automation directly into apps and services repetitive manual tasks can be reduced if not eliminated completely. The burden of excessive reporting (a particular problem in food & drink) can be reduced by enhancing access to and integrating data across silos, delivering actionable insights from the wealth of operational data being generated.

The rapid, iterative and scalable development made possible by PowerApps allows applications to be developed that grow with your organisation’s needs.

Applications can be developed streamlining processes and systems across all value-chain activities including Operations, Supply Chain Integration, Customer Engagement, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management, Workforce Collaboration and others.

Appendum: To support food & drink companies leverage the full potential of Power Apps and the Microsoft Power Platform, Bridgeall is offering a free ‘Discover the Art of the Possible’ service. Full details can be found here – ‘Power Apps: The Art of the Possible’.