Running your existing suite of .NET applications within your on-premise server infrastructure is a common approach, but could you be saving money by migrating your .NET apps to Azure?

Azure offers a number of different ways you can save costs for applications.

GigaOm recently conducted an independent analyst study, Costs and Benefits of .NET Application Migration to the Cloud, which found that Azure is the most cost effective and performant environment to run ASP.NET web workloads. Azure is up to 54 percent less expensive than on-premises and up to 30 percent less expensive than AWS¹

5 ways to save costs by running .NET apps in Azure

1 – Azure Hybrid Benefits

Azure Hybrid Benefit allows you to bring your existing on-premises licenses, such as Windows Server and SQL Server, over to Azure. With Azure Hybrid Benefit, you can save up to 85 percent compared to standard pay-as-you-go rates and achieve the lowest cost of ownership when you combine Azure Hybrid Benefit, reservations savings, and extended security updates. Azure Hybrid Benefit also applies to SQL on Azure and Azure Dedicated Host. Additionally, it provides 180 days of dual-use rights so you can maintain your on-premises operation while migrating to Azure.

2 –  App Service Reserved Instance pricing

Azure’s App Service Reserved Instance pricing is another great way to save on costs. Azure App Service customers can now save up to 35 percent with a 1-year commitment and up to 55 percent for a 3-year commitment, compared to pay-as-you-go prices. Great for core apps with predictable usage.

3 – Azure Dev/Test pricing

With Azure Dev/Test pricing, you can get discounted rates up to 71 percent for your ongoing development and testing needs. Using serverless tools like Azure Logic Apps and Functions, you can also eliminate custom code and third-party, helping you to increase development productivity by up to 50 percent.

4 – Automated management

Azure can manage your .NET web apps and databases, so you don’t have to. The end-to-end web hosting platform can free up your team to focus on what matters most. Let Azure handle auto-patching for database, OS and runtimes, automated database backup, configurable alerts, and logging. You can easily add custom domains, SSL certificates, single sign-on (SSO), and identity-service integration to your apps.

You can also reduce regulatory and compliance costs by automating or simplifying over 30 percent of monitoring work versus on-premises hosted applications.

5 – Autoscaling

With Microsoft Azure, you only use the servers you need when you need them. Azure can help optimise your application and underlying database’s performance to meet the peaks and troughs of demand.

Azure surfaces opportunities to save with out-of-the-box monitoring for ASP.NET applications while automatically scaling resources to meet workload demand with SQL serverless and Hyperscale databases. Azure is built to be elastic to help you be as cost-effective as possible.

Azure is a great place to host your .NET applications, it improves performance, security and reduces costs. To find out more about migrating your applications to Azure visit our Application Development services.