Dynamics 365 Marketing is Microsoft’s marketing automation platform. Microsoft has long been a leader in the CRM space with first Dynamics CRM and then Dynamics 365 Sales. It was clear that a marketing automation tool to work alongside Dynamics 365 Sales would be a big success and back in 2018 they launched Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is an app that you can use to run your marketing activity. It provides a wide range of capability to support all kinds of digital content creation, event management, lead scoring, surveys and more.

It is designed around your customers and prospects. It sits on Dataverse and shares the same account and contact data as Dynamics 365 Sales. It is designed around the idea of taking customers and prospects through a journey. When designing campaigns or activity you are encouraged to think of it as a journey with a series of steps. What activity can you do to encourage an action from your prospects.

Dynamics 365 Marketing fully integrates with the wider Dynamics 365 suite, Dataverse, Power Platform and Office 365 to provide a wide range of productivity benefits. There are also a huge range of additional applications available from Microsoft AppSource to extend the application further.

Dynamics 365 Marketing capability

Below are some of the key areas of capability offered within the Dynamics 365 Marketing platform.

Email marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing has a wide range of email marketing capabilities. It has a simple to use drag and drop editor making it easy to develop great looking marketing emails. You also have the ability to access and define customisable templates designed to look great across devices and browsers. Full integration with Litmus is available to preview and test your emails in a wide range of scenarios. Full reporting including clicks, opens, forwards and delivered is available as standard.

Landing page and websites

Create and publish professional-looking landing pages to capture website visitors as contacts or leads. Each landing page typically includes a form that captures data straight into your Dynamics 365 database, and can also include promotional text, images, links, and other information.

Customer journeys

Use the drag-and-drop journey designer to create an automated, multi-channel campaign that sends personalised email messages, generates follow-up activities, launches workflows, and more.

Each contact in the target group travels down a customised path that reacts to their interactions and identifies your best prospects. Track campaigns and analyse results to build profitable long-term relationships.

 Event management

Keep all the information about your event venues, logistics, ticketing, sessions, speakers, sponsors, and more in one place so your whole team can coordinate while working on them. Host webinar events with ease using built in Microsoft Teams integration.

Then generate an online event website where attendees can review event information and register online. Integrate your events into your marketing email messages and customer journeys to help get the word out.

Lead scoring

Set up automated lead-scoring rules that automatically identify your hottest leads based on how they interact with your events and customer journeys. As soon as a lead meets an agreed-on sales-ready score, the system automatically routes it to a salesperson to follow up while the lead is still hot. Route the most promising leads to sales when they reach an agreed-on sales-ready grade.

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a great solution for marketing teams looking for a solution that provides a full range of capability but also helps them evolve to focus on customer journeys and developing and scoring relationships. With the correct application of the capability within the solution it would be expected that organisations see a rise in marketing and sales success.

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