There are many different platforms available but in our opinion there is one app platform to rule them all, Power Apps. A little dramatic but let us explain. We think Power Apps, more than any other application platform, delivers value for so many people. It not only offers the most efficient way of creating new applications, but the range of benefits it offers different types of users is key to its growing success. In this article we discuss how it helps beginners, pro developers and IT admins.

Microsoft Power Apps

For those of you that are unaware, Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs.

It allows users of any ability to build no-code apps and deploy across every platform with a few clicks – from web to tablet to mobile. Therefore removing IT development backlogs by empowering lines of business to build their own apps.

Beginners and citizen developers

Power Apps is a great tool at enabling anyone of any ability to build apps. So your employees can digitise processes across your organisation in a simple and easy to use way. There’s no coding involved, just some excel-like formulas and a drag and drop editor for the app itself.

More technical users can pick it up quickly, but most people can do Microsoft “app in a day” training and be able to start building their own apps after just one day. All Power Apps requires is an ability to think through a process logically considering all inputs, decisions and outputs at each stage and creating corresponding triggers and app screens to follow this process.

Pro developers

One area of Power Apps that might surprise you is how much value they can add to existing developers. It provides a wide range of capability available out of the box. With pro developers using this out of the box capability and the drag and drop editor, you can save time and money developing applications.

Power Apps allows you to easily integrate applications, modules and databases from across a wide range of technology so you can easily extend your Power Apps capability using whatever tools you feel comfortable with including .NET, Java, Python or third party solutions.

IT admins

One of the great benefits of Power Apps is the wide range of governance and security features available to help IT admins monitor and secure your IT infrastructure. There’s  a wide range of capability, reports and features to restrict access to data or modules, and reports to showcase what apps are in use by what users and what they do.

The fact that Power Apps uses Azure Active Directory like the rest of your Office 365 suite, makes it easy to manage access and licenses across your entire suite of applications.

So Power Apps, great for pro’s, great for beginners and great for admins. Like all cloud software from Microsoft it doesn’t stop there. There are new features, connectors and improvements to continue to take Power Apps from strength to strength.

Find out more about Power Apps and how they could benefit your business here, or speak to our expert team for more information. You can also learn more about Power Apps and the Power Platform by downloading our comprehensive guide below.


Power Platform Guide