Good news for Power Apps users and those looking to start their Power Apps journey. Microsoft has updated the licensing for Power Apps and Power Apps Portals, with reduced prices and simplified per app plans. 

According to Microsoft, the price reduction of the Power Apps per user and per app plans are in order to make the platform more accessible and improve the business case for rolling out Power Apps in your organisation.  

Whether you’re a company with a small number of users or a larger enterprise deploying at scale, this is great news for all businesses. It is also important to note that Power Apps per app plan entitlements are also being simplified.

Power Apps Pricing 

With the upcoming licensing changes, the prices will be reduced as follows: 

  • The Power Apps per user plan will be priced at $20 per user/month, a decrease from the previous price of $40 per user/month. The plan will be available across Microsoft’s commerce channels – Volume Licensing (VL), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and web direct – without license minimums or other purchase requirements. Plan entitlements remain unchanged, including the ability for users to run unlimited apps and portals. 
  • The Power Apps per app plan will be priced at $5 per user/app/month, a decrease from the previous price of $10 per user/app/month. Like the per user plan, the per app plan will also be available across the same commerce channels without license minimums or other purchase requirements. 

The UK prices have yet to be released but we expect them to be £15.10 and £3.75 respectively but will know more in October. 

Additionally, Microsoft are simplifying entitlements for the per app plan by providing users with the ability to run one app or access one portal, in contrast with the current entitlement of two apps and one portal. This approach better aligns with the plan’s intent of providing flexibility for customers seeking to license users one app at a time.  

Customers with existing per app plan subscriptions purchased prior to Oct 1, 2021, will maintain the current entitlement for the duration of their agreement term.

When will this change happen?

The Power Apps licensing changes will go into effect on October 1, 2021.

Special offer

In the period before the 1st of October, availability of the Power Apps limited time, promotional offers are being extended. Beginning from the 1st of July and running through to the 30th of September, eligible customers interested in taking advantage of reduced pricing can select from these promotional offers: The Power Apps per user and per app plans are currently available for $12 per user/month down from $40 (minimum purchase of 5,000 licenses) and $3 per user/app/month, down from $10 (minimum purchase of 200 licenses), respectively. The UK prices have yet to be released but we expect them to be £12 and £3 respectively but will know more in October.  Offer availability and other conditions may apply.

The main benefits of a premium license

So, what are the benefits of a premium license. The main benefit of using a premium license is you get access to Premium connectors such as Dataverse. A premium connector, Dataverse is usually what we recommend customers to build on, as this is a data source which Microsoft have developed with the Power Platform in mind. It is tailor-made for building applications. Microsoft describe this as:

“…an easy to use, easy to manage, compliant, secure, scalable, and globally available SaaS (Software as a Service) data service. Dataverse empowers organisations to work with any type of data and any type of app, and use the data within it to gain insights and drive business action.” 

Using Dataverse also allows you to build a customer Power Apps Portal (requires add-ons). This means customers and colleagues can interact with the same data using different entry points. 

What extras do I get?

  • Premium connectors (Dataverse and Azure SQL being the most common 2)
  • Ability to use Portals (requires add-ons)
  • More scalable and enterprise solutions
  • Take your applications to the next level by using AI (requires add-ons)

How does this compare with what I’m currently paying?

This is very much dependent on the model you use. For example, a client with 40 x per app licenses paying £7.50 per license would see their monthly spend reduce by half from £300 to £150 per month.  

Some companies that would really see the benefit, will be the ones that have many users on per user licenses.

Power Apps Portals

Lastly, Microsoft has recently made Power Apps Portals login capacity available at a reduced price for eligible customers purchasing large volumes of sessions. This includes the addition of limited time offers for capacity tier 4 (25,000+ logins/month) and tier 5 (100,000+ logins/month), which joined the existing offers available for capacity ranging from 100+ to 5,000+ logins/month. With these limited time offers; Power Apps Portals login capacity is available for a price as low as $12 per unit/month for tier 5 capacity. Minimum unit quantities and other conditions may apply. 

Want to find out more about Power Apps and how the solution can benefit your business? Contact our expert team who can help. You can also read more about Power Apps by downloading our comprehensive guide below.  


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