Microsoft has recently announced a new set of updates and a new name for Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure Virtual Desktop. These new set of updates help your organisation provide digital services to your employees. The current services have been widely used by organisations adapting to hybrid working.

Windows Virtual Desktop now Azure Virtual Desktop

As mentioned, Windows Virtual Desktop has been enhanced and rebranded as Azure Virtual Desktop. For organisations that want maximum flexibility and control, Azure Virtual Desktop is a flexible cloud VDI platform that can be used to build and deliver nearly any desktop or app virtualisation scenario – with capabilities such as remote app streaming, personalised (single session) or pooled (multi-session) desktops, and integration with Citrix and VMware cloud solutions.

With Azure Virtual Desktop, you can customise and fine-tune your deployment to meet your performance, security, compliance, location, or other requirements. A great solution to support hybrid or home working challenges.

Windows 365

Windows 365 is a new offering from Microsoft again designed to provide capability organisations need to support hybrid working.  Windows 365 is a complete software as a service (SaaS) solution that securely streams your personalised windows experience – all of your apps, contents and settings – to any device.

Windows 365 is ideal for customers looking for a personalised version of Windows on any device, with predictable per user, per month pricing. This service can be easily deployed and managed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager or via a self-service portal, no VDI expertise required.

Two new hybrid working solutions

With these offerings  Microsoft gives organisations two exciting options to support all your hybrid work needs.

Windows 11 on Azure Virtual Desktop

Windows 11 is a particular focus for Microsoft, and both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 support the new Windows 11 operating system.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a great place for customers to set up their validation environment to try out this new operating system. While Windows 11 will be generally available later this calendar year, customers with eligible Microsoft 365 or Windows licenses can use Azure Virtual Desktop now to experience Windows 11 as part of the Windows Insider Program. You will also be able to use Windows 11 on Windows 365 once it’s generally available later this calendar year.

Microsoft special offer

Microsoft is offering a 30% discount to new customers for 90 days from the date of redemption on all D-series and Bs-series Windows virtual machines (VMs) used as part of a Azure Virtual Desktop host pool. If eligible, you may activate this offer by December 31, 2021.

After you redeem this 90-day offer, unless prohibited by applicable law or otherwise specified in writing, all VMs will be charged the standard Azure rates unless you delete or deallocate them. Find out more about this offer.

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