Cloud backup is a key part of any cyber security strategy. Ensuring your organisation can easily reset after an attack is a critical element of your strategy. When looking to backup Office 365 the product we always recommend is Veeam.

In this article we discuss 6 reasons to select Veeam as your Office 365 backup solution.

What is Veeam?

Veeam is the market leading backup and disaster recovery solution. They provide a flexible range of solutions to help organisations back up their data. They provide solutions that work with a wide range of existing technology stacks. Veeam allows you to select your storage location to suit your infrastructure requirements.

Veeam make sure data is always available, protected and actively working for your business. Regardless of where your data resides – on-premises, Microsoft Azure or Office 365, Veeam make sure it’s available when and where you need it.

6 reasons to use Veeam to backup Office 365

1 Infrastructure freedom

Veeam provides you with access and control over your Office 365 data. It protects your organisation’s investment in backup from any planned or unplanned infrastructure change. From the very start, Veeam has been a storage-agnostic backup vendor. They don’t have their own cloud or local storage offering, instead they allow you to freely choose any infrastructure and location you want on-premise or in the cloud.

You can also switch platforms in a few steps. For instance, moving from on-premise to the cloud, between clouds or changing backup storage locations. Finally, customers can exit their Veeam backup solution without losing their backup data or their recovery capabilities. With Veeam, you can retain your backup and perform recoveries, even after your subscription has expired.

2 Backup control

With Veeam, you can deliver the right level of protection to each user according to the business value of their data. We enable you to offer multiple levels of protection by having multiple policies with different SLAs for your Office 365 organisations. Veeam is also able to deliver the lowest recovery time in the industry, backing up as often as every 5 minutes, meeting the RPO that your critical users need.

3 Recovery flexibility

With Veeam, you can minimise downtime by restoring the data exactly how you need to no matter the issue. This is made possible because Veeam offers the broadest set of recovery options in the industry with over 40 recovery options.

Veeam can recover to any location in Office 365, recover data out of Office 365 back to on premises, and even provides a variety of save, send and export options available. This process is automated and can be managed with just a few clicks.

4 Scalable recovery

Veeam makes it easy to find and restore specific items in large amounts of backup data and provide quick recovery from a large data loss situation with minimal manual effort. This is made possible with an extensive list of search filters that you can combine to finetune your searches.

Additionally, Veeam quickly searches large sets of backup data by running a central search across all users. Veeam also enables Administrators to effortlessly restore data from multiple Exchange Online users, OneDrive users, or Teams in a single operation, instead of manually recovering users one-by-one in separate restore jobs. Thus, minimising downtime.

5 Reliable backup vendor with good customer service

With Veeam, you can simplify data protection by protecting all your workloads – physical, virtual and cloud-based with a single platform.

From our experience and industry commentators it is clear the quality of the customer service offered by Veeam goes above and beyond. In the case of any emergencies Veeam understand the service you receive is crucial, which is why they have over 4500 backup experts on hand to help.

6 Lowest recovery time in the industry

One of the great benefits of selecting Veeam is they offer the quickest recovery time available in the industry. Many providers back up roughly every 6 hours but with Veeam you can back up as much as every 5 minutes.

This reduces the time it takes for your data to be back in the hands of your employees and for normal service to resume.  A huge benefit if anything were to ever go wrong.

Veeam offers the ability to recover applications in less than 60 minutes 95% of users say it meets the recovery time objectives.

Veeam is our go to backup solution, it has a simple and easy to use platform and a wide range of market leading capability. It provides organisations with the flexibility and recovery time to allow you to easily recover from any data loss. If you are interested in learning more then please contact us today.