A new year is here and with it comes an opportunity to set a clear vision for your digital strategy. The rise of hybrid working due to COVID has changed the game for many organisations. Ensuring you are investing in the correct areas to support your business strategy and employees is key.

Before investing in anything you should have a clear idea of how the business case shapes up, what is the return and what factors are driving this. This will ensure successful IT projects drive real business value.

In this article we discuss the key themes shaping digital strategy in 2022 and share some of the solutions to help you get there.


We have identified 3 key themes which we think will drive most of the investment in technology in 2022:

  1. Hybrid working infrastructure – Many organisations have already declared their long-term commitment to hybrid working and the rest have been doing it for 2 years now. So it is clear that hybrid working isn’t going away. We expect to see a rise in investment in hybrid working infrastructure to better support this shift.
  2. Cyber security – Cyber security is becoming an increasing risk for organisations. The scale of attacks is frightening, and most organisations are not as secure as they should be. With high profile attacks like SEPA causing a huge stir in the industry. Ensuring you have correctly assessed and invested in managing the risks will be critical.
  3. Productivity – Helping your employees focus on doing more of the added value activity you hired them for, vs the busy work most jobs require is more important than ever. How do you improve your businesses processes? What technology and automation solutions could you implement to better support this.

Microsoft solutions

Based on the themes above we have identified some of the top solutions from Microsoft that you should be considering to advance your organisation in these areas.

Microsoft Teams full adoption

Most organisations use Microsoft Teams, but are you using every aspect? If you still have a desk phone infrastructure, then it is clear this will not be a viable solution for support hybrid working and a cloud-based telephony approach like Teams Cloud Voice would be a much better offering.

Download our Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice guide here

Microsoft 365 suite

Almost every organisation is using Office 365 but what about Microsoft 365? Microsoft 365 is an extended suite of solutions that include a range of security solutions such as Microsoft Defender, Intune, Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Threat Protection and more. A simple switch to a different bundle could unlock a full range of security improvements.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a game changer. For organisations it offers an affordable and easy way to build digital solutions. It offers the ability to automate and digitise your processes. From dashboards and reports, to AI powered chatbots to drag and drop mobile apps. We are helping many organisations invest in Power Platform and they are all seeing huge benefits.

Download our Microsoft Power Platform product guide here

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is a suite of products that run alongside and improve both SharePoint and Teams. Focused on better collaboration, it allows organisations to improve knowledge sharing and engagement. From learning tools to links to relevant information sources to a Teams based intranet experience, Viva offers a lot of new approaches all focused on improving your organisation.

Viva is made up of 4 solutions: Viva Topics, Viva Connections, Viva Learning and Viva Insights. As hybrid working is here to stay, ensuring your digital workplace is the best possible could be key to manage employee engagement, productivity and recruitment.

The key thing in 2022 is going to be improving your digital experience and dealing with the uncertainty of COVID. Discuss your options with one of our digital experts or to find out more about any of the solutions above, then please contact us today.