It is clear that the current market conditions are driving a huge increase in demand for Managed IT services. This is something we are seeing from our own customers at Bridgeall and we wanted to discuss some of the drivers of this growing demand.

Firstly, we wanted to explain what we mean by Managed IT. Managed IT is where you outsource some or all of your IT to a partner. This partner will take on responsibility for your IT infrastructure, cloud environments, networking, devices and more. They will provide access to experts and allow you to focus on driving value across your business.

The 5 key drivers of growth in Managed IT

  1. The rising benefits of Managed IT

There is more and more research coming out that makes it clear having a good Managed IT provider can be an intelligent approach to IT. It is estimated that organisations using Managed IT can save costs of around 30% and increase operational efficiency by 45% – 65%.

  1. Lack of in-house resource

This is one of the biggest changes over the last 2 years. Demand for IT resources has never been higher, and this is making it extremely hard to either hire or retain good IT resources. If your IT manager was to leave and it took you 6 months or more  to replace them, how would your organisation cope?

  1. Lack of in-house expertise

The technology landscape is always changing and keeping on top of this can be a challenge for smaller in-house teams. Whether it’s low code, cloud, cyber, backup or different SaaS solutions, many organisations are moving some or all of their IT to managed IT providers to help ensure they stay on top of these new technology trends and benefit from them.

  1. Move to cloud

The move to the cloud is a big driver for Managed IT. Managed IT providers across the board report all their customers with around 50% of their workloads are expected to be in the cloud for 2023 with 99% using the cloud in at least some capacity. Ensuring you have the right cloud strategy, with the right cloud cost model.

  1. Rise in cyber security threats

Cyber security threats are on the rise and most organisations recognise the difficulty in staying on top of this. A rise in cyber security spending of 25% per year is expected. This has also been supported with a significant increase in cloud backup and disaster recovery demand.

It is a great time to be considering your options and your approach to IT. If any of these drivers are concerns for your business, then please get in touch today.