Most organisations have gone through or have discussed migrating to the cloud. However, without the right approach and required solutions it can be a challenge. Microsoft have recognised this as an area that many organisations need help with and that’s where Azure Migrate comes in.

What is Azure Migrate?

Azure Migrate provides a central hub of tools to start, run, track, and analyse your migration journey to Azure.

Azure Migrate is a free Microsoft service, with tools for each scenario available without any additional licensing costs.

The Azure Migrate hub integrates Azure services and partner solutions to maximize your options and inform your decisions. Using the hub, you can keep all your migration data in one place for a comprehensive view across workloads and tools.

Azure Migrate assessment tool

Azure Migrate also helps you understand your existing workload and create a migration plan. Azure Migrate offers a hub of tools that help you plan your migration.

Choose agent-based or agentless methods to discover machines and applications in your environment and understand how they interact with each other. Choose from Microsoft or partner solutions based on your needs. They do this via their two assessment tools:

  • Server assessment tool – To optimise the assessment process and discover servers in your compute estate, choose to deploy the Azure Migrate Appliance to the on-premises environment or use CMDB information to import into Azure Migrate via CSV. This enables you to identify the servers and workloads you need to assess.
  • Database assessment tool – Similar to the server assessment tool, the database assessment tool can assess which operating system each server is running and identifies any issues or blockers for migration.

What can you migrate?

Azure Migrate helps you migrate a wide range of different workloads, server types and databases to Azure. These include:

  • Windows and Linux servers
  • SQL and non-SQL databases
  • Web apps
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Data

Review migration activity in one place

Ensure more successful migrations by using Azure Migrate to track your efforts from start to finish. Starting with assessment details, the service delivers insights into your environment and dependencies. It continues tracking throughout the migration process—adding information from all tools in use. Simply access any tool from within Azure Migrate to keep all migration project details in one place.

  • Visualise progress with a dashboard across discovery, assessment, and migration phases.
  • Centralise data and insights for specific migration projects.
  • Create migration projects for different business areas.
  • Create and store multiple assessments for server groups.

Azure Migrate is a great solution for organisations looking at cloud migration. Not only is it a free tool to help with the migration, it can also be a useful solution during the planning and assessment phase. Discover our Azure migration services here or contact us for more information.