In the run up to the holiday season we thought it would be an appropriate time to talk about cyber security scams. Sadly, just like the Christmas song, ‘It’s the most vulnerable time of the year’ and a fresh opportunity for cyber criminals to take advantage of those winding down as the year comes to an endIn this article we aim to highlight a few areas where you should be extra careful to ensure you don’t fall victim to seasonal scams.

Securing your accounts should be at the top of your list

We can’t stress this enough but use strong and separate passwords for your most important accounts. The National Cyber Security Centre recommends using three random words to create your passwords.  Also ensure you are turning on two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of protection, most online services now provide the ability to activate this with email, phone and authenticator applications.

Beware of unwanted gifts in your inbox

Many scammers may set up fake messages and emails ahead of the Christmas period designed to steal your money and/or personal details.  If something doesn’t feel right, make sure you alert your IT teams and remain vigilant of any suspicious looking emails in your inbox.

Regular back-ups

Ransomware can affect any organisation if they don’t have the right steps in place to stop it. How ransomware works is that it stops you from accessing your data or your computer/laptop. In most cases the data is stolen or deleted. To prevent this from happening, we recommend regular back-ups of your systems and data, this will ensure quick restoration of your business areas. We would also recommend having your back-ups offline too as you can then wipe any encrypted devices and restore from your offline back up.

Keep all software up to date

Keeping your devices secure with strong passwords and updates is very important. 

Keeping your data protected is a constant process and releasing updates is the best way to target any weaknesses. The latest software updates should be a priority to protect your devices from vulnerabilities. Take some time to review your security settings on all your devices and make sure you’re protected against the latest threats.

Train your staff – the more the merrier

As we enter the festive period, we highly recommend that you consider cyber security training for your staff if you have not already. Training all of your employees and keeping them vigilant towards cybercrime is the best way to protect your organisation and stop security incidents from happening.

If you are concerned about cyberattacks in your organisation and need more advice, get in touch with our team who can help.