Microsoft licensing can be challenging. With so many options available and the Microsoft website not always being the easiest to navigate, which option is the best for your business?  

In this article we’ll make be covering Office 365 Enterprise licenses. The Enterprise offering from Microsoft is the most comprehensive suite for the modern enterprise. The package is generally designed for organisations of 300 users or more. Whilst this package is aimed at enterprises, it’s important to note that many SMBs with less than 300 users can still choose to use it. Here is a breakdown of what to expect.

Office 365 Enterprise license types – Office 356 E1

The E1 package is the most basic of the three packages and as you would expect, the cheapest. It provides the ‘core’ cloud business functionality, including email with Microsoft Outlook, file storage and sharing with OneDrive, and some security controls like multi-factor authentication. When using a laptop or computer, E1 users can only use the web version of apps like Excel and Outlook but mobile apps are included. 

Pricing£7.50 user/month*

Office 365 Enterprise license types – Office 365 E3

Microsoft Office 365 E3 is the mid-tier plan for Office 365 users, including all the features of E1, and the full desktop suite of Office 365 applications and greater cloud storage space. The E3 subscription gives you access to the latest Office applications plus 5 TB of OneDrive storage. 

Pricing £20.20 user/month

Office 365 Enterprise license types – Office 365 E5

Microsoft Office 365 E5 can be described as the ‘Premium’ Office 365 option, providing the most advanced functionality for businesses. It’s more expensive but has more features. The core differences between E3 and E5 are audio-conferencing features and security functionality. There are also other benefits, including advanced analytics, compliance and information protection, and advanced retention policies for email. E5 is the best option if you want everything Office 365 has to offer. 

Pricing £33.40 user/month

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*please note that all prices stated in this article are correct at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change by Microsoft.