Selling is one of the hardest and most vital activities of any business. How your business reaches and manages new customers is a key driver of how it will grow. But there are a number of significant challenges facing sales teams that could be solved with the right CRM solution.

In this article we discuss 4 key challenges facing your Sales team and how a great CRM solution can help.

4 key challenges facing your Sales team

When thinking about a new Sales CRM solution, there are normally some key drivers for needing a new system these include improving:

  1. Sales productivity – 64% of seller time is now spent on non-sales activity. The ability to reduce this and keep your sellers selling will inevitably lead to a rise in sales and happier Salespeople.
  2. Digital Selling – 80% of enterprises expect a sustained shift to digital buying/selling where sellers guide and collaborate with customers remotely. This is a significant shift and ensuring your sellers have all the collaboration tools they need, with the right data to deliver for your customers, is a new challenge.
  3. Sales Forecasting – Less than 50% of forecasted business ends up being closed. For Sales and Operation leaders this causes massive issues, in forecasting cashflow, scheduling work and board reporting. Gaining a greater understanding of where your opportunities are in their pipeline is critical and will drive better decision making and scheduling throughout your business.
  4. Sales and Marketing integration – the better Sales and Marketing work together the better value an organisation will create, the more opportunities converted, better data and more cohesion in your business.

Dynamics 365 Sales

When looking for a CRM solution that meets your needs and solves the above challenges then look no further than Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Dynamics 365 Sales is Microsoft’s business application for your Sales team. It is designed to help your sellers manage pipelines, opportunities, leads and more. It is embedded with out of the box streamlined processes to improve seller productivity.

Dynamics 365 Sales is embedded with intelligent data and insights to help you manage your organisations sales. Full integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Office 365 and Power BI available as standard.

Sales is a flexible, cloud-based solution and can be easily tailored to suit your organisation. It provides capability including lead tracking, Sales workflows, reporting, opportunity management, and pipeline management.

Dynamics 365 Sales also offers capability for customer portals that have a wide range of applications such as self-service, membership management and booking systems.

Full LinkedIn integration is available allowing you to manage prospects and connections from LinkedIn directly in Sales. A lighter version called Sales Professional is also available for SMBs.

How you overcome sales challenges and use your data to make better decisions will be a key driver for growth and success of your Sales team. Dynamics 365 Sales is a great, intuitive and intelligent solution that helps you do that and more. To learn more, download our Dynamics 365 Sales product guide here or contact us today.