Azure Synapse is an immensely powerful tool that more and more organisations are turning to for their data platform needs. Azure Synapse Analytics is a unified analytics platform that combines the best of data warehousing and big data analytics, enabling organisations to analyse all their data at scale. While Azure Synapse offers many benefits, the way it keeps your data secure is a key area of functionality.

Microsoft takes data security very seriously, and Azure Synapse is no exception. It implements a multi-layered security architecture to protect your data at rest, in transit and in use. In this article, we cover all the ways Azure Synapse keeps your data secure.

Data Protection

Azure Synapse encrypts all data at rest using AES 256 encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available. It also supports Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for dedicated SQL pools, which adds an additional layer of security by encrypting data at rest using a customer-managed key.

Azure Synapse also supports dynamic data masking (DDM), which allows you to mask sensitive data in your databases. This helps to protect your data from unauthorised access, even if the data is compromised.

Access Control

Azure Synapse uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for authentication and authorisation. This means that users must sign in with their Azure AD account to access Azure Synapse resources.

Once a user is authenticated, Azure Synapse uses role-based access control (RBAC) to determine what permissions the user has. RBAC allows you to grant users specific permissions to access and modify Azure Synapse resources.

Network Security

Azure Synapse supports private endpoints, which allow you to access Azure Synapse resources from your virtual network (VNET) without exposing them to the public internet. This helps to protect your data from unauthorised access.

Azure Synapse also supports Azure Firewall, which allows you to create and manage centralised network security rules for your Azure resources. Azure Firewall can help to protect your Azure Synapse resources from malicious traffic.

Threat Protection

Azure Synapse uses a variety of threat detection and prevention measures to protect your data from security threats. This includes:

  • Azure Defender for SQL: Azure Defender for SQL is a cloud-based security service that helps to protect your SQL databases from threats. It uses machine learning to identify and respond to malicious activity.
  • Azure Security Center: Azure Security Center is a unified security management platform that helps you to protect all your Azure resources. It provides a comprehensive view of your security posture and helps you to identify and respond to security threats.

As you can see from the comprehensive range of security features Azure Synapse is designed to keep your data safe while providing great access for your verified users. No matter what stage your data is at, it’s safe with Azure Synapse with their multi-layered security approach. If you would like to learn more about data governance and Azure Synapse, then contact us today.