Microsoft Intune, now part of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager suite is a great solution for helping organisations manage and protect their data on different devices and apps.

Intune provides a comprehensive set of features for managing Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. As cyber security threats rise, your devices are one of your weak points and Intune offers the ability to secure them.

What does Microsoft Intune do

Microsoft Intune is Microsoft’s key endpoint management solution within Microsoft 365 offering device and app management capability. It can do:

  • Device management: Intune allows you to manage your devices remotely. You can use Intune to deploy and manage apps, configure settings and wipe devices.
  • Application management: You can manage your organisation’s apps. You can use Intune to deploy and manage apps, configure app settings and revoke access to apps.
  • Compliance management: Intune allows you to ensure that your devices and apps are compliant with your organisation’s policies. You can use Intune to create and deploy compliance policies and to generate reports on compliance.
  • Security management: Intune provides a variety of security features to help protect your devices and apps. These features include antivirus protection, mobile threat defence, and encryption.

5 key features of Microsoft Intune

Here are five great features of Microsoft Intune:

  1. Unified device management: Intune helps you manage all your devices through a single solution regardless of which platform they are. It makes it easy to deploy and manage apps, settings and security.
  2. Conditional access: Intune provides the ability to implement conditional access policies to ensure that only authorised users and devices can access your resources. This provides protection for your organisation from data breaches and unauthorised access.
  3. Application protection: Intune provides the ability to create and apply app protection policies. These policies can be used to control how apps are used and to prevent data loss.
  4. Endpoint Analytics: Intune provides analytics capability to give you insights into device and app usage. This informs cyber security problem solving and helps you address any potential security risks.
  5. Device enrolment: Intune can be used to enroll and provision new devices. You can use Intune to automatically deploy apps and settings to new devices so that they are within your control and ready to use.

Microsoft Intune is a powerful and comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management solution that can help organisations of all sizes manage and protect their devices, apps, and data. Intune offers a wide range of features that can help organisations manage their devices the way they wish and reduce the manual effort involved.

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