DMARC (Domain-based message authentication, reporting & conformance) is a key defence to secure your emails. As of February 2024, this is now a requirement for high volume emailers. In this article we explain why. 

What is DMARC

DMARC is an email security solution that secures your business from 2 main threats: 

  • Email Spoofing: Malicious actors use this tactic to disguise themselves as legitimate senders, tricking recipients into opening phishing emails that steal sensitive information. DMARC makes it significantly harder for them to impersonate your domain. 
  • Spam and Unwanted Emails: DMARC helps receiving servers identify and filter out unauthorised emails sent from your domain, improving your email reputation and ensuring legitimate messages reach inboxes. 


The DMARC deadline

The reason DMARC is now becoming a key part of your email security infrastructure, is because email-based attacks are on the rise. And the deadline is from commercial organisations not government regulations at the moment. The more organisations using DMARC the more secure email becomes as a platform. 

The February 2024 deadline applies to any organisations sending 5,000 emails daily to Gmail or Yahoo addresses. If this sounds like you there will be a significant change to email deliverability and likely blocking of emails. This will mostly effect organisations in retail, media or B2C or mass market products. 


If you are affected by this then please contact us and we can get you set up with DMARC as soon as possible to reduce the possible impact.  

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