You have heard of ChatGPT and all the talk around AI, but how do you make it real in your organisation? Azure OpenAI is Microsoft’s platform for bringing those cutting-edge AI services into your applications and business. It sits beside Microsoft Copilot as a go-to platform for AI innovation. We explain more about Azure OpenAI in this article.

What is Azure OpenAI Service?

Think of it as your gateway to cutting-edge AI capabilities. Built on a foundation of OpenAI’s groundbreaking models like GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Codex, DALL-E, and Whisper, the service grants you access to their diverse functionalities through a convenient and secure Azure environment.


How can I use Azure OpenAI services?

Here’s how Azure OpenAI Service can revolutionise your business:

  • Improved innovation – You can use AI to come up with new ideas, develop new digital solutions, solve problems and more.
  • Revolutionise customer service – you can develop intelligent chatbots that talk in natural language, can look up information and problem solve with your customers. This can be 24/7 and can even be in multiple languages.
  • Streamline content creation – Write reports faster, translate documents instantly, and automate repetitive tasks with the help of AI-powered text manipulation.


Why choose Azure OpenAI services?

Azure OpenAI has several reasons to select it as your AI platform of choice:

  • Enterprise grade security and reliability – Being on Azure you have the same level of service and security as the wider Azure platform. From user, role and data level security, multifactor authentication and Microsoft’s 99.9% SLA.
  • Completely versatile platform – The wide range of models and capability available within Azure OpenAI service offers you multiple avenues for integrating into your business. Generate text, translate perfectly, create images, write code, build chatbots and more.
  • Seamless integration – Easily integrate the service with your existing workflows and applications, maximising productivity and streamlining your AI adoption journey.
  • Fine-tuning for tailored solutions – Adapt and train models to your specific needs and industry, creating unique AI solutions that solve real-world business challenges.


AI is the future, but it is here today. How your organisation adapts its entire operation to take advantage of the creative and productive benefits of AI will define its success in the future. Azure OpenAI is built on ChatGPT and part of the Microsoft suite offering you all the familiar capability of Azure but with the latest AI capability.