There’s something new coming to SharePoint very soon! Microsoft has just announced they are releasing video page templates in SharePoint Pages and News. With this new feature, authors can create video centric page content easily. These templates will be available in both SharePoint and the Stream app making it easier to showcase video with customised and branded pages from either application.

More about the announcement

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that SharePoint creators can find the new video page templates within the Page and News template pickers. All they will have to do is pick a video template, upload the video they want to post from within the Stream web app, and edit that news post or page like any other SharePoint post before publishing it. 

Users can also upload a video to the Stream web app to access the new templates if they wish. Microsoft stated:

Within the template picker, select your template type, page type, and any related documents you want to include on your page. After finalizing your selections in the template picker, go to the canvas for editing. Edit your video page like other SharePoint Pages, then publish and share when you are ready!

When can you expect this feature to go live

The feature has rolled out to Targeted Release customers and will continue to roll out to all customers through the end of June.

What do you need to do?

You don’t have to do anything in preparation for this new addition. You might want to let users know about this new experience and guide them to make video pages with a few examples.

Plans for the future

Microsoft says it will add more video page template options to SharePoint in the future, and it is also considering updating the entire template picker user interface. It is also considering adding ways for users to create their custom video templates. 

If you’d like to know more about this recent announcement or need any help with your SharePoint environment, contact our team who can help. We have a range of SharePoint services which you can read more about on our website.